The benefits of table tennis

There are so many activities these days that have benefits we never knew about. In fact, pretty much anything active we do, that involves a bit of skill, also has a fair few health benefits as well. One of the things you might not expect to have health benefits is table tennis, probably because it’s not viewed as a proper past time.

But, you might be surprised to learn about the benefits of taking up ping pong as a leisure activity. There are so many wonderful things that you can get out of it, and it’s an easy and non-intensive sport to take up right now. Check out some of these stunning health benefits you never knew ping-pong could provide.

Improves hand-eye coordination

One of the biggest benefits of taking up ping pong is the fact that it can be good for improving hand to eye coordination. There are so many shots in ping pong that involve you using hand-eye coordination, and timing is also hugely important as well. You have to make sure you understand that playing improves your mental alertness, and your hand-eye coordination, which is invaluable for other aspects of life, such as driving.

The benefits of table tennis

It’s easy on your joints

A lot of exercise regimes and workout plans these days can actually be detrimental to your joints. Running, for instance, can be pretty grueling, and may even be damaging your body in ways you never expected. Now, the benefit of ping pong is that it isn’t actually causing problems with your joints. It’s a good way of improving mental alertness and having a bit of a workout, and you don’t have the issue of problems with your joints.

Stimulates your brain

We don’t use all of our brains, in fact, there are many parts that we never access at all. One of the things we think is great about table tennis is the fact that it works different areas of the brain. For example, there is the prefrontal cortex, and you need to use this for strategic planning when you think about what shots to return. You’ll need to use the hippocampus part of the brain too when it comes to aerobic exercise. As you can see, the game uses different areas of the brain, which is essential.

It’s social

Okay, so this isn’t a health benefit, but it’s definitely important in life, and we guess it does have some significance to mental health. It’s important to be sociable, make friends, and connect with people. And this is one of the great ways of doing that – ping pong is much more of a social activity than you might have imagined. Having the social element of playing is massively important for developing your social skills.

The benefits of table tennis

These are some of the great benefits of ping pong, and you have to make sure you take it up. When we exercise, so many of us forget the fact that we need to stimulate our brains as well as our bodies. Ping pong is a great way of doing this, and it has plenty of benefits that come along with it.