Things you didn’t know about golf

Golf is a game that requires a high level of skill to be able to play well. The idea of using a club with a tiny surface area to hit an even smaller ball into a little hole that is over 400 yards away seems impossibly difficult. We know golf involves balls and clubs but what about some of the things not many of us are aware of? Here are a few golf-related nuggets of information.

There is a 19th hole

Many people know there are 18 holes on a golf course, and if you didn’t, you do now! Often on TV, you’ll see a tournament boil down to the final hole, the 18th. So what about this 19th hole then, why don’t they carry on and play that hole when there’s a tie at the end of a tournament? The 19th hole is an unofficial hole that all golf courses have. The 19th hole is the bar in the clubhouse, so it is not likely they are going to play much golf there. Unless they can set up a game of mini golf to decide the winner – maybe the first person to putt the ball along the bar into a shot glass is the winner.

Things you didn’t know about golf

There’s serious money in it

You can make loads of money if you’re really good at it. Like many professional sports, it offers financial gains, but it can be one of the most lucrative sports in the world. Players can earn several millions of dollars within just a few months should they be good enough, over 20 players have already earned upwards of $2 million in prize money so far this season, which only began in October. Besides the money they can make from tournaments, there is even more to be made in sponsorship deals. Irish golfer Rory McIlroy recently signed a $100 million deal with golf equipment manufacturer TaylorMade. This deal is on top of a reported $200 million deal to wear Nike clothes whenever he is on the course.

It was invented in Scotland

The modern game is believed to have originated in Scotland where the earliest written mention of the game was first documented. King James II banned his soldiers from playing the sport in 1457 as he thought it was distracting them from their duties. St. Andrews golf course in Scotland has become a pilgrimage for many golfers as it is believed the course dates back to some time before 1574. Keen golfers will make it their life’s goal to make sure they get a round of golf at the historic site.

There are several funny rules

One of the funniest rules is about landing in a piece of fruit. While extremely unlikely, there has been a rule written for such an event. The player must play the ball as it lies, so if your ball has landed in a banana you’re going to be whacking that banana up the course! Hopefully, the ball is dislodged from the fruit, and you can continue as normal, and you’re not smacking around a banana for the rest of the day.

Things you didn’t know about golf

If your shot is wayward and the ball ends up in the clubhouse, you are allowed to play from there unless the course has declared it out of bounds. From the clubhouse, you are permitted to open a window and try to continue. Finally, what if you encounter a live snake? The snake is considered to be an outside agency, so you can’t move the serpent. You’ll have to hope the snake isn’t interfering with your ball, and hopefully, you haven’t got a phobia of them!

Those were some of the things some people may not have known about golf. This game is played by millions across the world, and the relaxed atmosphere appeals to many players. Those who are good enough can make lots of money from the sport as long as they can put up with some of the strange rules.