Why you should play Squash

Plenty of sports out there are fun and enjoyable. They often involve team collaboration, as well as individual triumphs. Playing sport is an excellent way of keeping active, and getting some of that competitive streak out. Squash is one of the most popular and enjoyable racket sports in the world and is enjoyed by many people globally. If you’re looking for the next sport to take up, you should be casting glances in the direction of squash.

It might not seem like the most exciting sport out there – it’s not as physical as football, or as all-encompassing as baseball, but squash is the perfect game for individuals. Now, if you’re still umming and aahing about going out and buying a racket and some new shoes, let us tell you all about the amazing benefits of playing squash as a sport right now.

Why you should play Squash

Boosts cardiovascular

Keeping yourself fit and healthy on a regular basis is important, and the best way of doing this is to engage in cardiovascular exercise. Squash is one of the best sports you can play to boost cardiovascular. It’s excellent for improving heart health and keeping the blood pumping around your body. You’ll be doing a lot of running, stretching, and leaping when you play squash, and this is a wonderful way of boosting your heart health. Cardiovascular exercise is essential for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, and this is one of the principal benefits of squash.

Sharpens hand-eye coordination

Another excellent reason to step onto the court, racket and ball in hand, is that squash sharpens your hand-eye coordination. You’ll repeatedly have to see a fast moving ball and react with your hands to play a shot. There is a certain finesse to playing squash and being able to return shots, and it is the best way of building up your hand-eye coordination. You will find this a crucial part of everyday life, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure you build up your coordination with as much squash as you possibly can.

You can play all year round

Some sports rely on good weather to be able to play, such as tennis and baseball. One of the great things about squash is that it can be played all year round. There are indoor courts you can play on, and the exercise and activity you get from playing will benefit you throughout the year. An indoor sport is ideal for those long, cold winters where you can’t go outside and exercise. Squash is the perfect sport to take up because you can play it at any time.

Why you should play Squash

Alleviates stress

Stress is one of the biggest killers in the developed world, and, these days many of us seem to be working ourselves into an early grave. That’s why it’s super important to do whatever you can to get rid of stress from your life. Squash is a wonderful way of alleviating stress because you are active and you can work out some of that aggression. There’s not much that beats slamming a rubber ball as hard as you can against a solid wall. This is the perfect way of getting rid of your stress, anxiety, and anger from a busy and intense day at the office!

There are a lot of sports out there you could choose to start playing, but, not many of them will give you the great health and lifestyle benefits that squash does. If you’re looking for a sport that’s fun, active, and helps to boost your body and health every time you play, squash is the sport for you.