The benefits of spinning

Spinning is a stationary bike exercise which has taken over the world since the early ‘90s. The high energy exercise routine has grown in popularity during the last few years, with pretty much every gym offering at least one spinning class on their timetable. But just what makes this exercise so popular? There are so many different ways this type of training can benefit you, and here are just a few.

Burn calories

Any form of exercise is a great way to burn some extra calories, but did you know with spin you could be burning over 700 calories an hour? There is a reason that so many people are jumping on this trend and weight loss is just one of them! It’s not just aimed at your legs either. While spin classes will help you build muscles in your legs, due to the high intensity of the exercise, you’ll actually be getting an all body workout from the cardio as you cycle away to the music.

The benefits of spinning

Set your own pace

Even though the commercials sometimes make it look as though everyone is pushing beyond their limits, you can, in fact, set your own pace for your exercise. The classes aren’t designed to be training for the Olympics; they’re meant to be a fun way for everyone to enjoy exercising. The trainer running the class will indicate when you can change the resistance of the bike, but there is nothing to stop you turning it down if you feel more comfortable. As long as you’re having fun, then you’re doing it right.


There are plenty of places across the world that offer spin classes, and the best bit? They’re inside! No more will the weather be an excuse not to don your Spandex and head out to get moving. Plus, a lot of places offer it as a one-off payment meaning that you won’t have to pay expensive gym fees to enjoy your classes. Just be warned, if you go to a location with stairs it could be a bit interesting trying to climb them after the class is over…

Help from friends

These classes are a great place to meet friends, as well as helping each other to push through the spin wall to come out the other side. The atmosphere at one of these classes cannot be beaten as everyone gets so pumped to push through with the music. The trainer will be a pro at motivating the class, but when you’re surrounded by such high energy from everyone else, you will soon find yourself lost in the moment.

The benefits of spinning

Mental benefits

You’ve probably heard of the ‘runner’s high’, but that is nothing compared to the euphoric feeling that you will be left with after you’ve spun your way through this kind of class. The exercise will leave you feeling thoroughly de-stressed as the endorphins race through your body. Not only this, but an hour of your time with pumping music, surrounded by a great bunch of people, and forgetting the day, all while doing something amazing for your body is a brilliant way to spend any evening of the week.

The list could go on and on as to why spin classes are just so awesome, but we will leave you to discover the rest on your own. With so many benefits it would be a shame to miss out! So why not head down to your local sports center and sign up? We don’t think you’ll regret it!