Pro athletes who were forced to get regular jobs

Pro athletes can make huge amounts of money when they’re at the top of their games. Some sports stars seem to remain relevant throughout their entire lives, while others are not so fortunate. For every Michael Jordan or David Beckham, there are a ton of ex-sports stars struggling to get by. These are the pro athletes who were forced to get regular jobs.

Clint Malarchuk

Former NHL star Clint Malarchuk had one of the strangest things happen to any hockey player ever. He played goalie and had his neck sliced by a skate which posed an instant threat to his life. The hockey star was bleeding all over the ice, but thankfully a quick-thinking trainer pinched his artery, allowing the emergency services to arrive.

Pro athletes who were forced to get regular jobs

Despite almost losing his life, Malarchuk was actually back out on the ice just a week later. After his hockey career was over, he distanced himself from the sport and took up a new profession, as a veterinary technician. Malarchuk is also a certified horse dentition as he puts his career on the ice behind him for good.

Maya DiRado

After taking home two gold medals plus a silver and bronze at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, you could forgive swimmer Maya DiRado for wanting to relax. She had achieved her dreams, and DiRado didn’t see much of a future for her in the swimming pool, so she decided to put her talents to use elsewhere.

DiRado purchased a house with her husband before the Olympics as a place for them to settle down once the competition was over and that’s what she did. The former swimmer put her degree in management science and engineering to good use as she became a business analyst for McKinsey and Co.

Adrian Dantley

Adrian Dantley had a basketball career most athletes would be jealous of. He recorded a total of 23,177 points which put him at the ninth in the all-time scoring list when he retired. Dantley played in the All-Star game six times and has gone into the Hall of Fame for his accomplishments. After he retired from playing Dantley tried to become a coach but found it wasn’t the career for him. Instead, he now takes turns as a crossing guard in his hometown of Silver Springs, earning $14,000 per year.

Kerri Strug

After becoming an American hero for fighting through the pain to win gold at the 1996 Olympics Kerri Strug could be proud of her achievement. Most gymnasts begin and end their careers at a young age, so Strug still had plenty of time left of her life to work after retiring. She became a second grade teacher after earning a degree in sociology at UCLA and later Stanford. That led to Strug finding work as a government official at the Office of Juvenile Justice.

Pro athletes who were forced to get regular jobs

Vin Baker

Vin Baker played in the NBA for over a decade, appearing in four consecutive All-Star games. He was a big name during his heyday and was thought to have earned around $100 million during his career. Baker went broke after years of narcotics abuse which took him a long time to get clean from.

His body was back in shape but he had no money left, so he called an old friend. His former boss was Howard Schultz, who ran the SuperSonics, but also the coffee chain Starbucks. In desperate need of a job, Baker took the job offer gladly and took to making coffees to earn his living.

Not every athlete is destined to remain relevant for the rest of time, and so some who retire have to find other means of making money. These former stars all turned to regular jobs to help them keep on paying the bills once they retired as athletes.