Why learning a martial art is good for you

Perhaps you grew up watching The Karate Kid and have always wanted to perfect your crane kick? Or maybe the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan have left you feeling inspired? Now might be the perfect time to learn a new sport as we take a look at why learning a martial art is good for you.

Types of martial arts

Before we get started, it’s important to take a look at all the types of martial arts there are on offer. There are over 20 variations of the sport that all range in difficulty in addition to having different primary focuses. For example, Jujutsu and sumo wrestling concentrate more on being able to tackle your opponent to the ground. However, Tai Chi and Baguazhang focus primarily on spiritual development and breathing techniques. To top it off, Kung Fu and Taekwondo teach opponents how to defend themselves from an attacker.

Why learning a martial art is good for you

Improve fitness levels

As with any physical sport, your fitness levels will thank you if you opt to learn martial arts. Thanks to the type of sport, you will be getting an all body workout during a martial art class that will help you strengthen and tone up as well improve your cardiovascular system. Could you get any better? Sadly, only one in every five adults is as fit as they should be to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By signing up for a martial art class, you could soon put an end to those statistics. What are you waiting for?

Developing a strong mind

One of the key aspects of many of the martial arts is having a strong mind. After all, they don’t want to teach just anyone how they can become lean, mean, fighting machines. Being mentally healthy is also key to controlling your emotions and having self-control while practicing the sport. Plus, exercise is great for our minds! Getting up and active is proven to release endorphins that help our brains feel happier. A martial art can have more effects than just physical.

Learn self-defense

Although you shouldn’t go around picking fights with anyone that crosses your path, learning a martial art could help improve vital self-defense skills. As much as we try and keep ourselves safe, sometimes situations get out of our control. That’s when we can step up with our new found skills. As well as being able to keep yourself safer should you need it, learning a martial art can help give you peace of mind. After all, you can rest safe knowing you have the skills to defend yourself.

Why learning a martial art is good for you

Make new friends

Many new skills or hobbies offer up the chance to meet new people. Martial arts are no exception. As the classes feature several people, it could give you the perfect opportunity to make some new friends. Especially as you already have at least one common interest. Growing your group of friends could also lead to more opportunities with your new sport. They may know of competitions or offer tips and advice on how you could improve any further. The benefits just don’t stop coming.

Although learning a martial art will help you lead a more active lifestyle, there are also several other benefits to taking up a new sport. Perhaps you could soon find yourself working your way up through the colored belts until you are a true master?