Everything you didn’t know about Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a fun and competitive game that has developed something of a cult following in the United States, as well as all across the world. A game that involves physical durability, stamina, and no shortage of skill, Frisbee was popularized on university campuses across the Western world. Whether playing for fun, or in a professional team, Ultimate Frisbee is a great way of perfecting teamwork and strategy.

Ultimate Frisbee has its roots firmly in the 1960s counterculture of America and has developed into a popular and respected sport. It is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and is a staple of the World Championships, where America are usually a dominant force. Here are some incredible things you never knew about Ultimate Frisbee.

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Everything you didn’t know about Frisbee

It was invented in New Jersey

As you might know, the U.S. is pretty dominant at Ultimate Frisbee, and so we should be – we invented it! The game’s origins date back to 1968, and to a small high school in New Jersey called Columbia High School. Student Joel Silver made a plea to get a team together for him and his friends, and, by the next term, they were playing it. Jared Kass is also credited with being influential in the development of the game, and is thought to have come up with the rules. In fact, he was the one who actually taught Silver the game during his time at Columbia.

There are no real referees

Matches of Ultimate Frisbee tend to be unique among sports because of the fact that they actually have no referees! Indeed, nobody officially oversees or adjudicates the game, instead, the players themselves referee, and rely on sportsmanship and the spirit of the game. You might think this would lead to problems and disputes, but, in reality, it actually seems to work really well for Ultimate Frisbee.

The first college Ultimate Frisbee club

We all know that college is the perfect time for joining clubs, and Ultimate Frisbee is definitely one of the clubs to attract the sportier students. But, did you know that the first ever Ultimate Frisbee club at a college was actually at Lafayette College in New York in 1970? This set a precedent as other colleges began to follow suit, and pretty soon collegiate competitions began in 1972 – the first match taking place between Rutgers and Princeton.

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Everything you didn’t know about Frisbee

There is no official coin toss

As you might have inferred from the fact that there is no referee, Ultimate Frisbee is very relaxed with the other rules it has. For example, there is no rule to determine who starts, so sometimes the teams have to get creative. There are occasionally coin tosses, but, in true quirky fashion, don’t be surprised to find ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ used as one of the unofficial “coin toss” methods.

We shouldn’t really call it Frisbee

Whatever you do, don’t call it that in front of those who play it! The name of the game should, technically, be Ultimate. Frisbee is actually a brand name for a specific plastic disc product sold by the company Wham-O Toys. So, make sure you do what you can to avoid using the term Frisbee, unless, of course, the game is using an actual frisbee, then it’s fine. Most people aren’t aware of this, so you will probably be forgiven, but it’s good to know in advance.

So these are some of the cool facts you probably never knew about Frisbee, or, should we say, Ultimate! It’s a fast, fun, and enjoyable game, and you might have witnessed people playing it in the past. Now, whenever you see a game in progress, you will have a little more of an idea about what it is and how it originated.