The most eccentric personalities in all of pro sports

Sports stars aren’t all the serious media-trained personalities their franchises want us to think they are. Some athletes are so extroverted and different that there is no hiding it from the fans, TV cameras, and especially their teammates. These are the most eccentric personalities in all of pro sports.

Brian Wilson

There’s not really much to say about Brian Wilson that hasn’t already been said. The baseball star is universally considered one of the strangest people in the world of sports, and he’s pretty much the goofiest athlete ever. Wilson has always had his own sense of style on the baseball field and not only does he dress to impress, but he also isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Dennis Rodman

Everything about Dennis Rodman screams eccentricity. When he debuted in the NBA he was pretty conservative, but as his star level began to rise, so did his confidence. With increased confidence, Rodman was willing to take risks in terms of his fashion choices. His hair has been practically every shade of the rainbow, and he’s never been shy in wearing whatever clothes he feels comfortable in. Rodman has also experimented with various makeup styles, and one thing he can’t be accused of being is boring.

The most eccentric personalities in all of pro sports

Prince Naseem Hamed

Prince Naseem Hamed took showboating in the boxing ring to a whole other level during his professional run through the rankings. As if his leopard print boxing shorts weren’t eccentric enough, Hamed would taunt his opponents in the ring. He wouldn’t even put his gloves up to protect his face, instead preferring to dance around the ring to evade his opponent’s punches. Hamed never did achieve true greatness in boxing, but when he was in the sport it was a wild ride.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor basically made his name through his eccentric personality. The problem for McGregor was that every time the crowd went wild for his antics, he had to up his game for the next opponent. One of the most unforgettable moments in the history of combat sports were the press conferences between him and Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor spent the entire time making fun of his opponent, it was like a public roasting. Accounts from his opponents in the cage say that McGregor’s trash talking doesn’t stop when the fight begins, and he constantly tries to belittle the opposing fighter.

The most eccentric personalities in all of pro sports

Manny Ramirez

You know when people use your name for doing something unusual, you’re pretty eccentric. Manny Ramirez wasn’t afraid to let his personality shine through during his baseball career, and he’s got his own highlight reel of ‘Manny-isms.’ Some of his most outstanding moments include taking a bathroom break in the Green Monster, and that amazing high five with a fan in the middle of a catch-and-throw play.

Clinton Portis

The one thing American football is really missing is character actors. During his time in the NFL Clinton Portis did his best to make sure the league was filled with different fun characters. Every time Portis found himself in a press conference, the journalists had no idea what was going to come out of his mouth. Some of his eccentric characters included Choo Choo, who was a dance instructor, Sheriff Gonna Getcha, and Southeast Jerome.

Life doesn’t always have to be boring, and these sports stars made sure to have as much fun as possible when the spotlight was on them. These stars proved they were some of the most eccentric personalities in all of pro sports with their antics.