What we don’t know about Dodgeball

Dodgeball is probably best-known for the bonkers 2004 comedy movie starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. But, it is actually a pretty popular sport and one that is enjoyed both in and out of school gymnasiums across the world. It’s a game in which two teams throw foam balls across a room at each other while trying not to be hit themselves. If someone is hit that person is out, and the first team to lose all their players is eliminated.

There are complexities to the rules, and these help to make Dodgeball a more fun and exciting sport – for instance if you catch a ball that’s thrown at you the person who threw it is eliminated. Not a lot of people are familiar with Dodgeball, and it’s not exactly a massively popular global phenomenon. Having said that, the game is played a bit at college level, and there is an international governing body as well. Get a load these facts you never knew about the sport of Dodgeball.

What we don’t know about Dodgeball

It originated in Africa

You might have thought that a game like Dodgeball was a shoo-in for having been invented in the United States, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that the game actually first originated in Africa, more than 200 years ago. It was a little less civilized though, as it was 200 years ago. And, instead of balls, the players threw rocks at one another! This was meant to encourage teamwork among tribes, and prepare them for battles with other tribes. We can imagine this didn’t end well in a fair few cases; the ball version of the game sounds much more preferable!

It’s celebrated

The sport actually plays a bigger role in the makeup of certain colleges than you might first have thought. For example, Saint Mary’s College in California plan and host a dodgeball match that is dedicated to the founding fathers of the sport, and honors the African tribes who originally played it all those years ago. There are some traditions that are important to keep up, and this is one example of that. More colleges across the country should follow suit, and Dodgeball might become a much more popular and recognized sport as a result.

There’s a world record

When we think about world records, we tend to attach them to things like the fastest man in the world (Usain Bolt), or the tallest building in the world. But, in reality, you can achieve a world record in absolutely anything, for pretty much any reason. And, there is actually a world record related to Dodgeball. Specifically, the largest game of Dodgeball in the world. The feat was achieved by the University of California in September of 2012. The college hosted a game involving a staggering 6,084 participants! Holy moly!

What we don’t know about Dodgeball

As you can see, Dodgeball is not just a silly comedy film, it’s also a popular sport that has an interesting backstory. Whether the sport will ever develop into a globally recognized and supported game with TV rights and lots of money remains to be seen. It seems unlikely, but there is definitely scope for the sport to grow and thrive.