The most bizarre pro wrestling gimmicks of all time

Pro wrestlers like to fight using a character’s name and persona. It gives them the license to be someone else for a while as they throw their opponents around. These are called gimmicks, and some of them are iconic, like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and The Undertaker. Others are not so much and are considered the most bizarre pro wrestling gimmicks of all time.

The Spirit Squad

There aren’t enough male cheerleaders in the world, but during the ‘00s the world wasn’t ready for an entire squad of them to take over the WWE. The Spirit Squad was a stable in the WWE, but it was hard to take them seriously because they were always acting so goofy.

The most bizarre pro wrestling gimmicks of all time

Even giving them the WWE Tag Team Championships wasn’t enough to make them feel valid, and eventually, The Spirit Squad had to be disbanded. While four of the five members didn’t make it in WWE, there was one star to come out of it, Dolph Ziggler.

The Boogeyman

In theory, having a character act as a terrifying fictional monster could work, except it really didn’t. The Boogeyman would come to the ring with a stuttering walk and shrouded in mystery, but the worst thing about him was what he ate. Pretty much every time The Boogeyman came to the ring, he had a bunch of worms stuck in his mouth, which made him disturbing. Fans couldn’t really connect with this character, and eventually, he was sent back under the bed.

Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS

WWE superstar Kane became one of the most iconic gimmicks over the past 20 years, but the man behind the mask wasn’t always so fortunate. Before he debuted as The Undertaker’s brother, Glenn Jacobs’ gimmick was as Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS, an evil dentist. No one likes the dentist, and it wasn’t a huge surprise when not many fans like this gimmick during the ‘90s.

The Goon

The name is bad enough that this gimmick was never really going to last long. The Goon was billed as a uber-violent ex-hockey player who was banned from playing in every league because of his tendency to get into fights. His ring attire was a hockey costume, with boots that even looked like ice skates. The Goon was only around the WWE ring for a couple of months before being sent to the sin bin permanently.

The most bizarre pro wrestling gimmicks of all time


The legendary Jim Neidhart found himself being thrown into the WWE ring as Who, only for his gimmick to be a joke for the commentator. Because he was called who, we would hear hilarious comments like “Who won the match?” and “Who is in the ring?” Neidhart is a legendary figure in the WWE and Who was only in the ring for a matter of weeks before this gimmick was sent to the cutting room.

The Yeti

When you think of a yeti, you probably think of a furry creature, a bit larger than a gorilla. What you probably don’t think of is a mummy wrapped in bandages. When The Yeti made their first appearance at WCW’s Halloween Havoc in 1995, the entire wrestling community was confused.

Why was a mummy coming to the ring to interrupt a Hulk Hogan match? The backstory was this yeti had been frozen solid in a block of ice and was ready to fight. This gimmick lasted only four appearances before it was put back on ice.

There have been so many wrestling gimmicks over the years there was always going to be some that didn’t work out. These gimmicks really struggled to stick, and eventually, all sank like a stone.