The best books about running

Let’s be honest, running isn’t for everyone – but if you’re the kind of person who has the motivation to roll yourself out of bed in the morning, shove on your running shoes, blast the ultimate running playlist in your ears and run for hours on end, then you should take that passion and keep a hold of it, because we’re all pretty jealous of you. If you are someone who spends their free time on the run (in a good way, of course) you may want to do everything you can to ensure you are up to date on the latest techniques, run in the right mindset, and know everything you possibly can to get the most out of your experience. To do this, all you have to do is grab your reading glasses and check out these best books about running!

Born to Run – Christopher McDougall

Although Born to Run is technically a nonfiction piece of writing, it’s fair to say that it’s just as entertaining as a blockbuster movie – which means it’s so much easier to read! However, it’s not just us who think so. Since its release, Christopher McDougall has sold a whopping three million copies of his running book and has inspired people across the globe to get their running shoes ready. The storyline of this running book is unlike any other book you could possibly read, as it follows McDougall as he learns the ways of the famous natives of the Tarahumara tribe, who run their races completely bare foot. If you’re looking to avoid injury, this one is for you.

The best books about running

Running & Being – Dr. George Sheehan

Running & Being first debuted on our bookshelves in 1978, and has since become one of the most famous running books of all time – with many people referring to it as their very own running Bible. In this book, Dr. Sheehan uses his own experiences as a middle-aged man who returns to running later in his life. Within these pages, he explains not only the physical benefits of running but also the mental and emotional benefits of the exercise.

The Cool Impossible – Eric Orton

As a professional running coach, Eric Orton is the perfect person to coach you if you’re looking to get into running or to extend your knowledge further. His running philosophy is that we are all put on this earth to run and that anyone can run if they put their mind to it. He offers advice on where to start with your running journey, how to maintain your running mentality, and how to improve your craft. As if that wasn’t enough to get you to the bookshop, Orton also advises runners of the best way to avoid injury while running.

The best books about running

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running – Haruki Murakami

If you recognize Haruki Murakami’s name, it might be because you’re familiar with his Japanese surrealist novels that have topped bestseller lists. Although What I Talk About When I Talk About Running is a little different to his previous work, this book gives readers an awesome insight into his own life. After living his life as a smoker, Haruki makes the decision to start running and eventually ends up running numerous marathons. Within this book he lets us know how he did it and his tips for success.

No matter whether you’re a keen runner or whether you struggle to get your foot out of the door (quite literally), there is nothing to lose from opening a book about running and reading up about the exercise. If you don’t know where to start, these are the perfect page turners!