Why being an American sports fan overseas requires true commitment

If you’re in America then it couldn’t be easier keeping up with all of your favorite sports, but that’s not the same for everyone else. People who have left their motherland, or those who are simply from overseas, can often struggle to watch as many American sports as they’d like. It actually ends up taking real commitment just to watch one game, and here’s why.

Getting up in the middle of the night

So if you live on the other side of the world, you’ve got little choice but to get up in the middle of the night to stay on top of the action. For some people, that means somehow staying awake and keeping the party going until the games begin.

Others choose to get some sleep and set their alarm to wake them up in the middle of the night. Whatever people’s chosen methods are, there is one thing that’s guaranteed, they’re going to be losing out on some sleep.

Why being an American sports fan overseas requires true commitment

Spoiler free

Thanks to modern technology we no longer have to watch live events and we can simply record them to watch at a later date. When it comes to sports though that is a huge risk as it’s highly unlikely you can go any length of time without getting the result spoiled.

Most people who love sports get notifications about their favorite teams or athletes, so if a game happens overnight, the first thing they’ll most likely see is the result. Therefore people have to either switch off from the entire world until they watch their recording of the game, or watch it live. No one likes spoilers, so most people choose waking up at 3am to watch the game.

Let’s talk about Sundays

There is another issue with American sports for overseas fans. Many of the significant events are held on Sundays, which means staying up late to watch them is going to hurt the next day at work. A fan in the UK watching the Super Bowl will stay up until about 4am, which means they will not be functioning very well at work the following day. Overseas fans are often forced to book days off work just so they can watch the game and then get enough sleep the following day to feel normal.

It’s getting better

Thanks to the NFL holding games overseas, and the NBA following suit, it’s getting better for overseas American sports fans. Now fans can actually get a piece of the action without having to commit to losing most of their night’s sleep for the sake of their sport. People love sports and if you give them two teams fighting over a ball then most of the time they’re in.

Why being an American sports fan overseas requires true commitment

There is a wealth of sporting greatness in the American leagues that had previously been inaccessible to overseas fans, but that’s becoming less common. Thanks to the internet it’s easier than ever to get hold of the game you missed, but nothing will ever come close to getting people around on game day. Some American sports fans can dedicate every weekend of the season to having barbecues for the big games but overseas fans cannot.

The only way it’s truly going to get better for overseas fans is if more American sports are held overseas, or non-domestic teams are developed. Places like the UK and France love American sports, and if they had their own franchises to cheer on then the NFL or NBA could come to town more often.