2018’s most controversial sports moments

Every incident in sports can feel significant during the moment, and even morse when there’s so much at stake. These controversial moments happened on the biggest stage in front of the watching world.

Serena steals the show

Serena Williams wore a stunning black cat suit on her return to tennis after the birth of her daughter. While she was praised by many, the rule makers in tennis were not so impressed and moved to ban any competitor wearing one again. Williams didn’t shy away from the headlines and she was in trouble later in the year too. Williams had made it to the final of the US open, but she wasn’t in the news for her clothes. Following a contentious call against Williams by the umpire, Serena could not contain her anger and threw a tantrum.

She accused the umpire of gender bias in the press conference after losing the final to Naomi Osaka. The umpire took a point from Williams after he perceived her to be receiving coaching, which is banned. She said the umpire in question has never taken a point from a man if they accused him of being a thief, which is what she did.

Sore ref

In an NHL game between the St. Louis Blues and the Florida Panthers, there was both laughter, tears, and confusion. The puck broke from play only to head straight for one of the refs, and it hit him in his special area. While that was funny for everyone watching, and painful for the ref, there was something else occurring.

The puck had shot off the referee and straight into the net, with the Blues thinking they’d just scored an unlikely goal. Controversially, the goal was then ruled out as the puck had deflected off an official and into the net.

Fergie time

Pop star Fergie was singing the national anthem at the NBA All-Stars game, and it was a moment where the players wished the cameras were not on them. She butchered the song, and the camera panned around the players trying their best not to crack up laughing as the pop star continued. By the time she was hitting the final notes the players couldn’t contain themselves and they burst out laughing. All the while, Fergie is giving it her all.

Neymar’s roly-poly fun time

The soccer World Cup happened in the summer of 2018 and Brazilian star Neymar didn’t win himself any new fans. Cheating is often discouraged in any sport, but soccer has seen it rise year on year. Neymar took this to a whole new level as he rolled around on the ground. Over and over and over he went as though he’d been shot to try and get an opponent sent off. He spawned a new meme as the world was sick with his play acting and pretending.

It’s win at all costs for many sports stars, and when things aren’t going their way, sometimes things turn nasty. These moments are the most controversial from last year and people were going crazy on social media after they happened.