The greatest rivalries in the MLS

Rivalries in sport are part of what makes things interesting, especially for the fans. We have known great rivalries in the NBA, NFL, and MLB over the years but as the MLS develops so are the rivalries. These are the greatest rivalries in the MLS.

FC Dallas Vs. Houston Dynamo

If there are two teams from the same state then, of course, they are going to have a rivalry between them. When the Houston Dynamo takes on FC Dallas, it’s known as the Texas Derby. The rivalry goes back to 2006, and the fans of both teams have a pretty big disliking of each other by now.

There is no trophy handed out to the victors during this rivalry, but instead, they get to fire an actual working cannon. What says victory over your rivals more than shooting a giant ceremonial cannon in a soccer field? Nothing.

The greatest rivalries in the MLS

Seattle Sounders Vs. Portland Timbers

This is definitely one of the most ferocious rivalries in the MLS. Not only do the fans have a competitive rivalry but the teams are two of the most successful in the MLS. Both sets of teams and fans have been trying to one-up each other for many years, and it has developed into one of the must-watch MLS fixtures of the season.

It is both a rivalry between cities and teams, and the wounds are deep with these guys. Also, with both franchises having huge fan bases there are plenty of rival supporters crossing paths who can brag about stealing a victory long after the final whistle blows.

New York Red Bulls Vs. New York City

This is a fairly new one, but that hasn’t made it any more friendly. The Red Bulls have been established in the league for several seasons, so when New York City came along, they didn’t like it. Labeled the Hudson River Derby, this is a classic case of red vs. blue. It helps the Red Bulls that they secured a demoralizing 7-0 victory over their city rivals in 2016 and it’s something that City fans will never be allowed to forget.

The greatest rivalries in the MLS

Toronto FC Vs. Montreal Impact

All Canadian teams playing against each other have a rivalry, but this is considered THE Canadian derby. It’s called the 401 Derby because the cities are located close to each other, connected by the Ontario Highway 401. These two cities have disliked each other for decades, and when they both became MLS franchises, the fans were already on board with the rivalry.

Stadiums are always packed out for these games, and the crowds are wild as they urge their teams to victory using the power of their voices. The best thing about the rivalry is how competitive the two teams are against each other, and it’s always a good game.

These rivalries are the standout games in any MLS season. The fans love the rivalries, and as the MLS continues to establish itself, they are only going to grow more intense. All we can hope for is more amazing games between these feuding teams in the future.