The most famous soccer coaches in the world

Often behind a successful team is a fearless leader who sends his troops out into battle each time they take a step onto the field of play, and soccer has its fair share of generals. They demand everything from their players and expect nothing less than 100% commitment, each and every time they play. Here are some of the most famous soccer coaches to have ever been involved in the game.

Pep Guardiola

He brings his brand of soccer to every team he coaches. Not only does he bring an attractive style of play, but he also wins a lot of competitions. He started his coaching career at the Spanish club, Barcelona, which happens to be one the biggest sporting teams in the world. He won multiple La Liga titles and UEFA Champions Leagues. He took a sideways step to the German soccer team, Bayern Munich. They are equally as big as Barcelona, and Guardiola was just as successful in Germany, each year he was the coach he won the German league (the Bundesliga). Now he is coaching another soccer superpower, Manchester City. The English Premier League team are all set to capture the league title in the next few matches and have been setting all kinds of records in the process.

The most famous soccer coaches in the world

Sir Alex Ferguson

There wasn’t a major club competition this coach did not win. He started his coaching career in Scotland with Aberdeen, where he managed to win the Scottish Premier League in 1980. It was an incredible feat as for 15 years beforehand either Celtic or Rangers had won, so he managed to upset the apple cart. His real success came when he moved to Manchester United, however. He won the English Premier League an unprecedented 13 times, as well as five FA Cups and the UEFA Champions League twice. There was nothing Alex Ferguson couldn’t do as a coach, and he has become the most iconic coach in British soccer.

Vicente del Bosque

One of Spain’s most decorated coaches, Vicente del Bosque managed to win both the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championships in the space of two years from 2010 -2012. An incredible feat that he only shares with the coach of the West German team in the ‘70s, Helmut Schön. Achieving greatness with an international team is one thing, but del Bosque had an incredibly successful career coaching domestic teams also. As the coach of Spanish giants, Real Madrid, he won the Spanish La Liga twice and the UEFA Champions League, also twice. For his accomplishments with Spain, he was voted the FIFA World Coach of the Year in 2012.

The most famous soccer coaches in the world

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is one of the most successful coaches in soccer history. He won the UEFA Champions League with a very unfancied Porto side in 2003 and then again defied the odds and won it with Italian team Internazionale in 2010. A prolific winner, he has won league titles in every country he has coached. Mourinho has won league titles in Portugal, England, Italy, and Spain. He is just as famous for his miserable demeanor and often aims to win his matches in the press conferences before a ball has even been kicked, trying to get into the heads of opposing coaches and players. He came to the English Premier League in 2004 with Chelsea and dubbed himself “The Special One,” something that has stuck with him wherever he has gone since.

Those were some of the most distinguished coaches in the global sport of soccer. They have shown that with success comes great admiration, and these coaches have cemented their places in history as the best to ever coach.