Rugby should be your favorite sport

There are so many different sports out there, and you might even have played or watched some of them in the past. In the US we are blessed with having several top quality games that have a lot of money and investment in them. The NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL each give us a great opportunity to enjoy our favorite national sports. There are so many channels dedicated to these sports and so many competitions for us to enjoy.

But, as a sports fan, you’re probably always looking for new competitions and tournaments to take an interest in. Soccer is one of the quickest growing sports in the United States right now, but, there’s another great game you may not be so familiar with – rugby. It might surprise you to learn that the United States actually has a national rugby team, currently ranked 17th in the world. So why should rugby be your favorite sport? Let’s look a little closer at the game.

It’s similar to football

Football is considered one of the national sports of the USA, and rugby is actually not a million miles away. In some senses, it’s considered to be a more rugged (excuse the pun) form of football. There is no padding or protective clothing involved (except a gumshield), and the ball can only be passed backward. But, there are many similarities, so football fans will no doubt find the transition between the two fairly easy. If you like one, you’ll probably like the other.

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Why Rugby should be your favorite sport

It’s getting more funding

While rugby doesn’t receive the backing of sports like NASCAR, baseball, or football, it is beginning to receive more funding in the US. Back in 2007, the total revenue generated by U.S.A. rugby was around $5.3 million, however, by 2015 this had risen to $14.6 million, showing there is definite growth for the sport. In the same way that soccer has steadily grown over the years due to more funding, rugby could also go in the same direction. It’s an exciting time to be a rugby fan because of the fact that it’s getting more recognition and funding in the country right now.

There are different forms

You might not know that there are two distinct forms of rugby, union, and league. Now, in the US we have a rugby union team (the national team), and there is also a lesser-known rugby league competition. This takes place on the east coast and involves around 14 teams – the most successful of which is Philadelphia Fight. Rugby league has only been a professional format in the States since 2011 and is much faster, lighter, and less physical style of the game. Having two formats makes rugby a much more fun and accessible sport, and you wind up getting a bit more bang for your buck.

As you can see, rugby is a sport with a lot to offer you, and, just because it’s not a national sport in the USA doesn’t mean you shouldn’t discover it today. There are so many great things about rugby, and it is a sport with some of the best fans in the world. These were some of our reasons why you should check out rugby today; you never know, you might discover a new passion!

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Why Rugby should be your favorite sport