Some of the top sports magazines today

Sports are played, practiced, and watched all across the world. They are a fantastic use of free time and a great way to get fitter and healthier. Sport also inspires and motivates people, and is full of success stories from all across the world. This is one of the things that draws people to it and increases the popularity of sports in other mediums, such as video games, movies, and magazines.

There is plenty to take from reading a sports magazine, and it’s a great way to keep abreast of your favorite games and athletes. That’s why there are so many different sports magazines out there, to help cater to the desire and hunger of sports fans. We’re going to take a look at some of the top sports magazines out there, and the fanbase they have.

Sports Illustrated

Perhaps the most famous and popular sports magazine in the world, Sports Illustrated is the go-to guide for sports lovers everywhere. Consider it the bible for sports fans interested in keeping up to date with all the latest goings on in the world of sport. Whether your interest is in football, soccer, tennis, motorsports, or golf, Sports Illustrated has something to offer you. Released weekly, the magazine contains exclusive interviews, expert analysis, and all the latest news relevant to the world of sport.

ESPN The Magazine

We all know that ESPN is the go-to channel for keeping abreast of our favorite sports, and now, the good news is, they have a magazine out! This is one that looks set to rival Sports Illustrated as being one of the biggest and most popular sporting magazines in America. The main sports covered in the magazine are Major League Baseball, the NBA, NFL football, the NHL, and college football. The magazine was first published in 1998, and its fortnightly publications have generated a steady readership since.

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Some of the top sports magazines today

Runner’s World

We could all stand to get a little healthier these days, and people are realizing that. This is why running has become huge again, as people hit the pavements to get into much better shape. So, for all your running needs, why not get a subscription to Runner’s World, the monthly running magazine. It comes packed full or articles, tips, nutritional information, techniques, and goals you can set for yourself. The magazine is available globally and has been credited with playing a role in the increased appeal of running and jogging.

Golf Magazine

If golf is your game, and you want a publication that details everything to do with golf, you need look no further. Golf Magazine doesn’t try to do anything too fancy and simply focuses on its strengths. The magazine is packed full of fascinating pieces, insightful interviews, and plenty of secrets for how to improve your golfing game. It’s an invaluable source for learning about the people and products related to the sport of golf.

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Some of the top sports magazines today

These four are just a few of the best sports magazines on the market. They cover the bones that most sports fans have, and seem to detail the interests that people have in an array of different sports. Whether you’re looking for a weekly or monthly magazine, there is plenty of choice out there.