The benefits of ballet

If you’re the kind of person that loves to exercise but hates all of the boring workouts, we’re totally with you. Nope, running isn’t our thing. Nah, we can’t stand the gym. No, we absolutely hate cycling. So how do we get our exercise? Well, we get our pointe shoes ready, we grab the nearest tutu, we put our hair into a tight bun, and we take our place next to the nearest barre (luckily, it’s spelled differently, so people don’t get confused). Indeed, ballet is becoming an increasingly popular activity for adults as well as children, thanks to its awesome health benefits. But what are they?

It helps to improve your flexibility

We’ve all seen videos of ballet dancers. We all know that they can do crazy things with their and their feet – but this wasn’t just because they were born with double-jointed limbs or practiced as contortionists when they were a kid. Instead, this flexibility comes from the constant practice and conditioning that ballet offers. As ballet dancers progress within their training, they stretch their muscles and their limbs to allow more movement – but this doesn’t just help with their performances and their craft. Being more flexible is directly related to a better exercise routine, as it allows more blood to pass through the muscles. Ballet also helps your muscle memory and allows you to push your body to new heights. Quite literally.

The benefits of ballet

It helps to exercise the brain

Although ballet is notoriously beneficial for your physical health, ballet can also do wonders for your mental health. Whenever you exercise in general, your body is not only training itself, but it’s also training and exercising your brain which can help with enjoyment, as well as your memory and health of your brain. By focusing on what you’re doing and concentrating on timing and direction, you are constantly training the brain – which is directly related to a decreased dementia risk.

It helps to boost your confidence

Not everyone can stand on their toes and follow a routine, you know. If you practice ballet and continue to perfect your craft, you should be incredibly proud of yourself. With a brand new posture, epic dance moves in your repertoire, a healthier physique and awesome ballet social life, your confidence is bound to improve during your ballet journey. Being more confident in your self and your self-worth is one of the best ways to feel better about your life and what you have to offer the world.

It helps to reduce stress

Exercise is any form helps to reduce stress thanks to those nifty little endorphins we were talking about earlier. However, ballet is specifically related to stress-busting because this activity requires real determination and focus. By focusing on spotting your pirouettes, or focusing on learning a dance routine, you can block out all of the stressors in your life and focus on what is happening on the room. Overall, a reduction in stress leads to a happier life – so there really isn’t any bad in it!

The benefits of ballet

If you’re looking to take over Natalie Portman’s place in the next Black Swan movie, you best get your pointe shoes ready – because these benefits of ballet are ready and waiting for you to exploit. In a good way, of course.