How jogging frequently can increase your happiness

People always say exercise is good for your health, but it never really feels like it at the time. When some people go jogging all they can think about is when will this torture end? Despite how much pain we are in during our run, it’s actually really good for us. This is how jogging frequently can increase your happiness.

Progression and goals

If you’ve not tried going for a run, then the thought of going five kilometers is pretty alien to you. Can you imagine running for that long? What you’ll find once you get going is that you actually like the challenge. After completing your first 5k run, the next thing on your list is to do it quicker.

How jogging frequently can increase your happiness

Once you begin running regularly, you’ll find you are shading minutes off your time which makes you want to get out there again as soon as possible. Setting new goals and achieving them regularly will keep you smiling as you know you’re getting better all the time.

It brings people together

Once you’ve gotten confident enough to run 5k consistently, the next step in helping you to get quicker is to join your nearest Parkrun. These are organized runs that are entirely free to join and help millions of runners all over the world every week.

Here you’ll find a group of runners who match your pace, and you’ll find a faster group to aim for. Attending organized running events will help you to get quicker, and you’ll be able to meet like-minded runners in your neighborhood.

Just you and your chosen path

One of the best things about running is that you don’t need much to get up and go, just a decent pair of sneakers and weather appropriate clothing. Bring along some of your favorite tunes, and you’ve got yourself some thinking time. Running can help you to clear your head of any worries you’ve been having or give you a fresh perspective on your problems. Either way, you’re able to put in some quality time in your own head.

It teaches you resilience

You are the only person who can do the hard miles when you go for a run. Running regularly teaches you resilience that you can take into all aspects of life. You aren’t going to beat your personal best every time you lace up your running sneakers, but that’s okay. It’s all about learning from experience, and the next time you go out you’ll be determined to run that bit faster.

How jogging frequently can increase your happiness

Life is all about highs and lows, just like running and you will literally have to run up and down some hills. You might get stuck for months trying to beat your personal best, but once you do you will be ecstatic.

Running isn’t just about finding a form of exercise to keep you in good shape. It also makes you learn as a person and every time you finish a run you are a slightly better version of yourself. What could make you happier than being the best possible version of yourself?