The best sports video games

If you speak to many avid sports fans, they will tell you there is not enough sport available to watch, especially regarding the sports they are most passionate about. Thankfully many video games developers have found a way to keep people in the game, without needing the actual players to keep playing and wearing themselves out. There are hundreds of video games that have been inspired by sports, and many simulate the sport so well you will feel like you are on the field when you’re actually just chilling on your couch. Naturally, sport is competitive, so we want to see which sports games are the best.

Forza Motorsport 7

Motorsport is one of the least accessible sports in the world. It is very expensive to get into and requires a large track to race around if you can even afford to get a car. Motorsport simulations have become very popular because they can put people behind the steering wheel of the fastest cars on the planet. For many, the best racing simulation available today is Forza Motorsport 7. Besides from being able to feel every bump in the road, the game developers have added realistic weather conditions and a multitude of enhancements that can be made to vehicles. All combining to make it one of the most lifelike racing simulations of all time.

The best sports video games

NHL ‘94

Okay, this is an oldie but perhaps one of the best video games to have ever been made. It allowed players to get out on the ice and play as their favorite teams and the beauty was that you could start fights with just about anybody. Even after over 20 years of ice hockey games, this is the best, regardless of how technology has developed. This game makes you feel like you’re out on the ice while also being as fun as anything. If you can find yourself a copy or an emulator, make sure you give this game a try.

Madden NFL Mobile

Fans of football have been able to play Madden NFL on their consoles for over 20 years, but now the games have come to our mobile devices, and we can play football wherever we go. If you’re on a train or bus, you can get in a few games before you reach your destination. Maybe you’re stuck at a boring family gathering, who needs to talk to your family when you can sneak off to the bathroom and play this game for hours. The game is fantastically addictive, and you’ll be playing “just one more game” for about ten more games.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

For many fans of soccer, this game is as good as it gets. It was so realistic it really did feel as though Konami had managed to capture playing soccer in their video game. It featured many of the world’s top soccer talents, and nothing was more satisfying than cutting in from the wing and smashing the ball into the top corner of the goal when playing as the Brazilian footballer Adriano. That guy could score from almost anywhere!

The best sports video games

Although gaming technology is getting better, many sports video games have deteriorated in quality and are not much fun anymore. Many of them now require you to spend more and more money on microtransactions to be able to compete with your online opponents. The best thing about many sports games is getting your friends around one screen or monitor and battling against each other in a fight for supremacy. Those were our pick for some of the best sports video games that sports fans everywhere should pick up and play.