Behind the Krav Maga

When you were asked what sport you wanted to try out when you were younger, you probably chose to spend your Saturdays in the batting cages on the baseball field or playing little league soccer with all of your school friends. Because of this, many people forget about the other sports in the world -, especially martial arts. It’s not until men and women get older that they realize the true potential of martial arts such as Karate and Judo, but there is one form of martial arts that is much more intense than all of the others. Of course, we’re talking about Krav Maga.

What is Krav Maga?

You might recognize the name, but have you ever wondered what Krav Maga really is? Well, this martial art is often known as a military defense fighting system, that features intense self-defense fighting skills. It was first developed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and was later used by other military forces in the country before making its way across the pond. Although it was created as a military training technique, it was actually developed by a single man by the name of Imi Lichtenfeld. He created the martial art and incorporated the likes of Karate, Judo, Boxing, Wrestling, and Aikido into one specific fighting form that deals with real and natural battle scenarios.

Behind the Krav Maga

Why was it created?

We know that Imi Lichtenfeld created the concept of Krav Maga for the military, but very few people know why it was created. During the 1930s, Imi was living his life as a hugely successful martial artist who specialized in boxing and wrestling and had set up shop in Bratislava in Czechoslovakia. However, life was not easy for Imi during this time. bad groups were attempting to take reign over his community, and he wanted to do something to stop them. So, he created the Krav Maga and eventually started to teach others how to perfect the craft.

What are the basics of the sport?

Although many believe that martial arts are dangerous and intense, the practice of martial arts is actually the complete opposite. Many popular martial arts try to avoid combat as much as possible and avoid actually harming their opponents. Although Krav Maga also abides by these rules, they also believe that there are times when combat is necessary – but rather than prolonging a painful and intense battle, Krav Maga focuses on finishing a fight within the shortest amount of time. Because of this, those that practice Krav Maga aim to hit the most vulnerable points on their opponent’s body to aid self-defense and keep your own body as strong as possible.

Behind the Krav Maga

How has it evolved?

After Imi Lichtenfeld created the Krav Maga and started to teach others the craft, he was eventually asked by the Israeli army to teach them his ways so that their soldiers could be perfectly trained in a martial art that would incorporate speed, self-defense, and combat. After the IDF’s training became common knowledge, the rest of the world wanted a piece of the action, and the Krav Maga has since continued to entertain and strengthen people across the world in terms of the military and personal preference. In fact, there are now dedicated Krav Maga schools that allow people to work their way up the belt system to learn even more about the martial art. Although there are various Krav Maga competitions, they are fairly rare.

There are various different martial arts in the world, but most people seem to forget about Krav Maga. Well, not anymore! This is everything you could possibly want to know about the martial art, including where it came from, and how it has evolved.