Everything you wanted to know about figure skating

Figure skating is a popular sport enjoyed by many at the Winter Olympics. But, it is also a popular pastime among many talented skaters. In fact, the figure skating we see on TV is great fun; it’s exhilarating, and perhaps the most interesting of the Winter Olympics disciplines. But, what we see is also not the whole story, and there is likely so much you don’t know about the world of figure skating.

There’s plenty that goes on behind the scenes, and many things that even avid fans probably won’t be aware of. We are definite believers that you will wind up enjoying a sport much more if you learn more about it. With that in mind, we decided to look at some of the things you definitely never knew about figure skating.

There are four disciplines

You might not be aware of this, but there are four distinct disciplines involved in figure skating. There is singles – self-explanatory, and often seen as the most popular form. Doubles is also self-explanatory and remains very popular as well. There is also ice dancing, which has produced such celebrities as Torvill and Dean, and the fourth discipline is synchronized – often considered the most challenging.

Skaters start young

In fact, in many ways, it’s the younger, the better, as there is so much to learn with this type of thing. Learning how to skate is a little like learning how to walk, except it is much more technically challenging. Furthermore, the earlier you learn, the earlier you can start competitive skating when your body is younger, more flexible, and more able to complete the moves that are necessary.

Everything you wanted to know about figure skating

Figure skating is incredibly expensive

This isn’t the sort of hobby you want to be taking up if you’re short on cash! In fact, some lessons can cost north of $100 per hour, for private lessons, and practice at a rink can set you back $25 per hour. If you want to start taking figure skating seriously, you’re looking at pretty substantial costs, and that’s before you even factor in skates and costumes. Figure skating is not the sort of sport you’re going to be able to take up unless you have the money to do it.

It requires a lot of dedication

You have to understand that the dedication required when it comes to figure skating is actually huge. There are so many sacrifices you will have to make before you can become successful. It will take up a lot of your time, and might need to take precedence over things like college and education. If you’re serious about being a professional figure skater, you’re going to have to ensure you give it the dedication necessary.

So, this is a little window into the world of figure skating. The next time you tune into the Winter Olympics, you will have a better understanding of exactly what is involved in the world of figure skating. You’ll also know how much time, effort, money, and sacrifice is involved in helping you become a success.

Everything you wanted to know about figure skating