Washington Nationals 1B Matt Adams looks awesome lately, but can you trust him? 

At this point in the fantasy baseball season, there is a good chance you may be looking for someone to fill in at either DH or first base. With about a quarter of the season done with, it is not uncommon for injuries to occur. Maybe they are enough to force your starter to the DL; maybe they just get him a few days off.

Either way, he’s not doing your lineup any good, which means you need someone to fill in. Right now, it looks like you’d be crazy to pick up anyone other than Washington Nationals first baseman/outfielder Matt Adams.

Why Adams? What’s not to like about a guy hitting .273/.375/.993? He’s hit seven home runs and 18 RBIs just in May alone (overall, he has 11 home runs and 28 RBIs). 

That’s pretty good.

But if he is this good, then there is no way he is going to be available in my league. Surely, someone has snatched him up—especially if he is eligible at first and in the outfield. With as well as he’s been hitting, the team has done what it can to keep him in the lineup. But they shouldn’t have much trouble doing so with Ryan Zimmerman (the team’s starting first baseman) going on the DL.

Not only is he hitting well, recording RBIs, and not striking out but he’s playing a lot. But there is one question worth asking before dropping someone to pick him up.

Can you trust him?

His defense isn’t the best, so if he slows down too much, he’ll be the first guy benched as soon as they think they have a more reliable hitter. But is there any reason to believe he’ll slow down?

Well—it is worth noting that much of the damage he has done this month has been against righties. He’s hitting .286 against righties this season with an OPS of 1.052. Against lefties– .211 and .707. Of his 30 hits, 26 are against righties as are ten of his 11 home runs.

He’s never hit well against lefties, so this comes as no surprise. Last season, he hit just .180 against them, and he hasn’t done much better over the course of his career (.207).

But does this mean you can’t trust him? Not necessarily.

His power potential is enough of a reason to consider starting him for the time being and maybe even stashing him on your roster (if you have space). But if you are going to start him, take a look at who the Nationals are playing during the coming week first.

If you see nothing but lefties, you may want to leave him on your bench. Otherwise, plug him in and watch him swing for the fences.