The most iconic MLB team logos of all time

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, and some of the franchises have been going for over 100 years. That’s a long time to build up a huge fan base and engrain the team into history. These MLB team logos are expertly designed and are considered the most iconic ever.

New York Yankees

Even though baseball is largely an American sport, pretty much everyone in the world knows the New York Yankees logo. There was a time ten years ago when you couldn’t walk down the street without seeing someone wearing a baseball cap with the intertwined initials emblazoned on it. The biggest baseball franchise in the world is lucky enough to also have one of the most recognizable and stylish MLB logos ever.

The most iconic MLB team logos of all time

Chicago Cubs

There is something satisfying about the symmetry of the Chicago Cubs logo. The blue circle around the red C just works, and the simplicity of the design is why it has been around for so long. When you’ve found perfection, there is little reason to change, and that’s why the Cubs’ logo will probably remain the same forever.

Toronto Blue Jays

Just by looking at the Toronto Blue Jays logo you can understand everything you need to know about the famous MLB team. There is, of course, the maple leaf to represent the Canadian city they are based in, and the design of the bird is great. With the two different shades of blue used in the logo, there is real definition in the bird’s features, and it is a treat for the eyes.

St. Louis Cardinals

It seems that birds and MLB logos are a match made in heaven. The Cardinals logo is a bird perching on top of a baseball bat with the team’s name in lettering below. Thanks to the shape of the cardinal and the bat your eyes are tricked into seeing a pyramid shape and that symmetry is what makes the logo stand out. The modern adaptation of the bird on the logo has ensured that the Cardinals have moved with the times and have something contemporary on their jerseys.

The most iconic MLB team logos of all time

Los Angeles Angels

Well, the Angels really stumbled upon a great design by going simple. All they have is a big capital letter A and a halo at the peak of the letter. That is all that was needed to make an iconic logo, and you know from your first glance what everything is meant to represent. It is a clean design with no cause for confusion when looking at it.

Seattle Mariners

If you’re going to be named after something nautical, then you’d hope to find it referenced in the team logo. The Mariners have got a compass in the middle of their logo with the words “Seattle Mariners” almost acting as the points along it. The finishing touch on the logo is the baseball hidden away behind the points of the compass.

The iconic baseball teams in MLB needed to have an iconic logo. These all stand out whether they are worn on the jerseys or covering their merchandise. They are the most iconic MLB logos of all time.