Biggest Hall of Fame snubs in MLB history

The Hall of Fame was created to give the stars of the past one last night in the spotlight while cementing their legacy forever. Those who make it into the MLB Hall of Fame are immortalized forever as future generations will be able to look them up. While most players with ‘Hall of Fame’ careers are recognized, not everyone is, and these are the biggest stars to be snubbed.

Larry Walker

Larry Walker finished his baseball career with a WAR rating of 72.7, and that places him as a comparable player to Derek Jeter. In the 2019 ballot, he received 34.1% of the votes, but that wasn’t enough to give him his place among the greats.

Biggest Hall of Fame snubs in MLB history

As an elite hitter, it’s a little surprising to see Walker snubbed, but many point to his record in Colorado as a reason for inflated numbers. He has been on the general ballot for several years now, and 2020 is his last chance at getting in. Most likely he’ll be voted into the Hall of Fame then, but the fact he hasn’t made it already is a pretty big snub.

Curt Schilling

If you were to just look at his playing stats, you would find it hard to understand why Curt Schilling has yet to make it to the Hall of Fame. He is still on the ballot, six years after first becoming eligible and with a WAR of 79.6 it seems like a huge snub to leave him out.

Those who have voted in the Hall of Fame ballot have publicly admitted that some of the things Schilling has said and done since retiring have held him back. His social media history is affecting his chances, but his on-field career is one of the best. In 2019 he got 60% of the votes, and it looks as though he is getting ever closer to his place in history.

Lou Whitaker

When you look at his career stats, Lou Whitaker is just as good as many of the second-base stars already in the Hall of Fame. His WAR rating of 75.1 ranks amongst some of the highest among players who haven’t been accused of PED abuse or gambling.

Unfortunately for Whitaker, his consistency might have let him down as he never had an outstanding season, albeit he also never had a bad one. In his first year on the ballot, Whitaker received 2.9% of the votes in 2001 and fell off. He now has to hope the veterans committee give him a nomination.

Biggest Hall of Fame snubs in MLB history

Edgar Martinez

Martinez played his entire career as a designated hitter, and it seems that is counting against him for a Hall of Fame place. He hit 309 homers and was a seven-time All-Star, but that’s not enough. In 1995 he was the only fulltime hitter to win the batting title, but still he has not found his way to the Hall of Fame. If he hadn’t spent his entire career with the Mariners many believe he wouldn’t have been snubbed.

Unfortunately for some of these great baseball players, they are close but not close enough to claim a place in the Hall of Fame. It’s unfair, but these are the greatest Hall of Fame snubs in MLB history.