Workout in the morning – pros and cons

Although we all know that working out is good for us and yadda yadda yadda, it’s sometimes hard to find the motivation to get out of your makeshift bed burrito in the morning and into a spritely run. Yep, the movies have got it all wrong. We don’t wake up with our hair perfectly pinned back or perfectly curled as if we haven’t just been rolling around on a squashed pillow all night, we don’t look fresh-faced when we run because we look like tomatoes, and we definitely don’t swan along as if it’s not affecting our lungs – because cold winter mornings are the bane of our lungs. Yet, have you ever wondered whether working out in the morning really is better than working out in the evening? Here are the pros and cons…

Pro: You can get it over and done with sooner

Let’s be honest, we only workout because we have to. It’s not like we enjoy it or anything. Because of this, it is often hard to find the motivation to get up and go to the gym in the morning or to get up and go to a morning yoga class – but there is one mahoosive pro to forcing yourself out of your slumber. Yep, you get it over and done with sooner! Instead of having a slight lay in and going to work knowing you will have to face a dreaded workout after you’re done for the day, getting it done and dusted in the morning allows you to enjoy the rest of your day without a care in the world.

Workout in the morning – pros and cons

Pro: It gets you pumped for the day

Although we hate to admit that exercise makes us feel good after we’ve done a workout, we’re just gonna have to man up and admit to it – because it’s totally true. This is because working out releases endorphin hormones which make us feel alert and pumped. It’s best to release a whole set of endorphins before you start your day, because it will make you feel energized and ready to go, and you’ll probably be incredibly proud of yourself for taking yourself off to the gym. If you don’t, you’ll feel all sluggish and lazy. Who wants that?

Con: You have to get up early

Okay, this is a big con. Like most of the people around the world, we absolutely love our sleep. Like, we really love it. Experts suggest that we need at least eight hours sleep a night – and we really do need it. If you get up earlier to work out in the morning, you interrupt your sleeping pattern. Of course, you can adjust this by simply going to bed earlier so you can wake up earlier, but this desperately eats into your free evenings. So, you need to weigh up whether waking up earlier is really worth it or not.

Workout in the morning – pros and cons

Con: You have less energy

Hands up who wakes up with oodles of energy? We’re gonna assume that nobody put their hands up, because it’s basically impossible to wake up with a spring in your step. This is because your body fasts while you’re asleep, so they have no nutrients or food to turn into energy. Because of this, you can find it incredibly difficult to motivate yourself or push yourself hard in the gym. This often makes it a useless exercise as you don’t get as much out of your gym experience.=Have you always wondered whether it’s better to go to the gym in the morning or the evening? Well, it seems there are pros and cons to both – and the decision is solely down to you. Of course, you could not go at all, but exercise is good for you, y’all.