The most important nutrients for athletes

We’re always so impressed by athletes. What they achieve is incredible, but the chances of ever being like them seem impossible. While it may require some intense training to match their stamina and strength, there are ways that we can start to be just like them. Food, for example. We want to know what they eat, or rather what nutrients are important for an athlete’s diet.

Minerals and vitamins

Fruit and veg are a key part of anyone’s healthy diet, so it’s no surprise that athletes need a regular source of these to keep themselves in top shape. These foods are filled with a lot of minerals and vitamins that are good for the body, because they supply it with plenty of nutrients. It’s possible to increase your intake of certain vitamins through tablets, but athletes usually have a nutritionist on hand who will help them get what they need without using these.

The most important nutrients for athletes


Protein is great for building muscle, but athletes want to be careful of how much of it they put into their bodies. A lot of the time, they want to be on the slimmer side so that they move faster. However, protein is still incredibly important. Things like meat and fish are common mealtime foods for any person, and for athletes, it’s no different. They’ll usually eat this food on a daily basis to keep themselves strong, and then work most of it off so that it doesn’t get stored as excess fat.


Fat – that thing we all hate. It isn’t all bad, though. Your body still needs fat to be healthy; it just requires less than we tend to give it. Moderation is what’s vital here. Fat provides you with some of the fuel you need to get going every day. They’re also impossible to avoid because they’re in pretty much everything we eat, so an athlete doesn’t have much say in the matter. As long as you keep up your exercise, just as these incredible athletes do, then fat will only ever have a positive effect on your body.


Carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy. You may choose to stray away from carbs if you’re trying to lose weight, but this is some of the best food that you can give your body. Many athletes will eat pasta after an intense period of exercise because of the effect it has. Carbohydrates feed the muscles with sugar and glucose which provide a constant source of energy, keeping athletes on their toes.

The most important nutrients for athletes


Water is what you’ll always see a professional athlete drinking before and after they compete in an event. The amount of energy that these people exert is so substantial that hydration is paramount to staying healthy. There’s nothing better to drink than water, the substance that makes up a large part of our bodies. It’s a great source of nutrients and isn’t full of anything harmful that other beverages (sports drinks included) tend to have.

Being a professional athlete takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and it’s a career that many of us will probably never have for ourselves. That doesn’t mean we can’t still eat and drink like one though. After all, if we want to be healthy, what better example is there to follow?