Why it’s important to have a jogging buddy

If running is your thing, we’re sure you’ll know by know how hard it can be to motivate yourself. Even if you’re an experienced jogger, there’s so many negative thoughts that can come running through your mind that try to you excuse from putting on your running shoes – “It’s too chilly, I might catch a cold” – “It’s dark out, I’ll leave it until tomorrow”, or “My ankle has been playing up today, I’ll let it rest for a while”.

The truth is, there are a million reasons why you might struggle to motivate yourself, but having a running partner can change all of this! Here are five reasons why having a jogging buddy can actually be greatly beneficial to your exercise regime. Behold the Power of Two!

Why it’s important to have a jogging buddy

You’ll feel more dedicated

When you’re feeling pretty slumped, and you’re finding it hard to gather up the inner strength to venture out, all you need is someone else to inspire you. Making plans with someone else means you’ll be much less likely to bail out and be more committed to achieving your goals. If you lack motivation, let them know! A good pep talk is all you’ll need. Think of it as your own amateur personal trainer.

They’ll motivate you

Having a set pace is always good practice for long-distance running. There’s been plenty of studies that prove having a buddy can significantly improve running performance of both members of the duo. It can give you a boost from a bit of healthy competition, motivating you that little bit further and enabling you to push yourself more to reach your full potential.

It’s safer

Venturing out into public spaces to run can sometimes, unfortunately, be rather dangerous – especially for women and during dark hours. If you have a buddy, you’ll be much less likely to run into any trouble. It’s always a wise idea to not go it alone in unknown or remote areas. It’s also great to have a pal for extra safety measures – running is strenuous work, so having someone there in case of a health emergency can be what stands between life and death.

They’ll distract you

Everyone loves a good gossip with their pals, so what better way to use your running time for this catch-up? Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Having a buddy can make jogging as pleasurable as possible, diminishing symptoms of boredom and fatigue by distracting you with conversation. The social aspect of running can have a huge impact on the way you view the activity. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Why it’s important to have a jogging buddy

Better performance

Once you both fully get into a long-term regime, you can both benefit by giving each other tips on how you feel performance can be improved. Working with someone to achieve your goals means your hard-work is a shared experience. You’ll gain knowledge and advice that you won’t have had on your own.

Now is the time to stop dreading your running hours. The benefits of having a running partner are clear and simple. Give a buddy a try. Lend a helping hand. It’ll help you both!