The most unlucky sports teams of all time

To win in sport you have to be physically talented and have the mentality of a warrior. Winning is all about believing, though sometimes there is a little bit of luck thrown in. Maybe a bad call by an umpire or referee changes the game and a team that should have won ends up losing. Some teams are beyond bad refereeing calls and are seemingly destined to fail time after time. These are the unluckiest sports teams of all time.

Boston Red Sox

Baseball fans in Boston will know all about the Curse of the Bambino. For those who don’t, it was when Babe Ruth left the Red Sox to play for their great rivals, the New York Yankees. The Red Sox had early success in the World Series but when Ruth was traded to the Yankees that all stopped.

While the Yankees were off winning multiple World Series, becoming the biggest baseball franchise in history, the Red Sox could not succeed. This curse lasted for 86 years, running from 1918 all the way through until 2004, when the Red Sox finally won another World Series. It was a bizarre jinx that made the Boston side one of the most unlucky teams ever.

The most unlucky sports teams of all time

Minnesota Vikings

Imagine being a Vikings fan, knowing that your team has never won a Super Bowl. It’s not like they haven’t had great teams, they even went 15-1 in one campaign but then lost the first game of that postseason. There is a feeling around Minnesota that their team is destined never to win the big prize. Even in the last ten years they have made it to their conference championship game twice but lost both times.

They have qualified for the postseason 27 times since 1970, placing them as the third best team for playoff places. Despite being in the title picture most years, they cannot win the Super Bowl. They even lost the Super Bowl three times in four years during the ‘70s and have to be considered ridiculously unlucky at this stage. They have had the players, but fortune has never been kind to them.

Toronto Maple Leafs, and any Canadian NHL franchise

Canadians are good at hockey right? Then what is with their teams not being able to win the Stanley Cup? It has been over 25 years since a Canadian team lifted the Stanley Cup, and that was the Montreal Canadiens. The Toronto Maple Leafs are an embodiment of Canada’s troubles in the NHL as they have been without a Stanley Cup since 1967. That’s over 50 years without the famous trophy to their name, which must hurt as the franchise has won the Stanley Cup the third most times with 13.

The most unlucky sports teams of all time

These teams, more than most, have shown what sporting curses really look like. The Maple Leafs and the Vikings can take heart from the fact the Red Sox were able to turn their fortunes around. They will just have to hope they don’t need to wait 86 years like the Red Sox for the curse to lift.