Should the Eagles trade Nick Foles?

Nick Foles is a Super Bowl Champion and the reigning Super Bowl MVP. Those are facts. While nobody (including myself) thought those words would be written prior to the Eagles Super Bowl run, they became all of our reality following the season-ending injury to starting quarterback Carson Wentz.

Wentz led the Eagles on a brilliant regular season, and the team followed his leadership all the way to a 13-3 record. But when they needed him the most, the young star signal caller could only be found on the sidelines cheering his team on, forced to be a spectator as he waited for his knee to heal enough so he can begin the rehab process. But the Eagles refused to give up in the face of their uphill battle.

The Eagles looked to Foles to take over the most important position on the team. While most people believed that he would simply assume a game-manager role, Foles had other thoughts. He put on a show for everyone to enjoy in the game’s biggest moments, as the Eagles made a Super Bowl push in early 2018.

Foles had a very sluggish start to the postseason. Facing the Falcons, he threw for 246 yards and zero touchdowns (no interceptions either). It was still enough for Philadelphia to record a 15-10 victory at home. In the NFC Championship game, the Eagles hosted the Minnesota Vikings in what would be the team’s greatest challenge of the season (to that point). Foles played much better in this game, throwing for 352 yards and three touchdowns. His strong performance led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl appearance since the Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens era.

It was in the Super Bowl itself that we saw him play his absolute best. Facing arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history in Tom Brady, Foles rose to the challenge. He was determined to do everything in his power to make sure his team came out on top. After passing for 373 yards and another three touchdowns, the Eagles were able to outduel the Patriots. For his efforts, Foles was named Super Bowl MVP. He deserves to be recognized for his tremendous play. Without him, the Eagles would have had a difficult task at keeping up with the Pats.

For all that Foles was able to do for his team last season, the Eagles must do what is best for their team. And with Carson Wentz looking like a go for the start of the season, the Eagles have a tough decision to make. They could hold on to Foles, in case Wentz struggles with his health at any point in the season. Foles has already shown he can step right in and help this team win a championship. But Philly also needs to recognize that Foles will likely never be as valuable on the open market as he is right now.

For the Eagles, the answer is likely not that simple. There are various factors that impact the decision on Foles’s future with the organization. If Wentz is truly back to full health, then Foles obviously is more disposable. But if they are not completely confident in Wentz recovery process, they would probably be wise to just hold on to both and see how the season unfolds.

But if a quarterback-desperate team is willing to offer a whole lot in return for a backup quarterback (so far in his career), then the Eagles would be hard-pressed to refuse an offer that dramatically improves their roster and starting lineup. As we saw last year, the Eagles needed Foles when it mattered most, and he delivered the goods.

The Eagles should probably keep Foles for one more season and see what happens. But if they get an offer they can’t refuse…