The best songs to listen to while working out

Music can make a whole lot of difference to your workout. Silence is actually distracting, and the drowned-out background music at the gym just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sometimes you need the motivational thumping beat of a good dance track to give you that one last burst of energy to push you over the line between success and failure.

Whatever the genre, whatever the beat, there are some big banger tunes out there made perfectly for getting the most out of your exercise – squeezing that last remaining bit of zesty juice out of your energy.

The best songs to listen to while working out

Stick your headphones in and blast up the volume. Here are some old school classics and fresh new tracks that might be what you’re looking for:

“Pump up the jam” by Technotronic

Listen to if you’re motivated by…old-school club beats. Listen to when…lifting some hefty iron. This late 1980s club track still has one of the most recognizable beats in dance music. Next time you’re lifting them extra heavy weights, get this track thumping and you’ll be sure to get your muscles pumping!

“Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)” by Beyonce

Listen to if you’re motivated by…sassy divas. Listen to when…you’re dancing in an aerobics class. No one makes inspirational grooves like Queen B. The addictive and bouncy dance beat of Single Ladies will leave you feeling super sassy and ultra fabulous. Her roaring vocals alone are all you need for a bit of motivation.

“Lose Yourself” by Eminem

Listen to if you’re motivated by…lyrics of hardship. Listen to when…you’re going hardcore on a boxing bag. A bit of Eminem to get your blood flowing is always a good option. The aggressive hip-hop beat to Lose Yourself might be precisely what you need to go full-on stealth mode, letting go of that anger you’ve been holding on to.

“Believer” by “Imagine Dragons”

Listen to if you’re motivated by…thumping rock booms.
Listen to when…you’re finishing up a tough circuit training set.
Imagine Dragon have never been a band to skimp on the heavy bass. Believer is the perfect track to find that inner strength inside yourself when your energy stars to lack. Turn up the volume on this one. Drown out the pain and battle through!

The best songs to listen to while working out

“One last time” by Ariana Grande

Listen to if you’re motivated by…pop princesses. Listen to when…you’re running along that last stretch. Ariana has smashed the music world to pieces in the last couple years, and there’s nothing like a bit of heartfelt pop to boost your workout. Listen to the glimmering beats of One Last Time when you see the finishing line and are on that emotional last mile.

There are numerous songs out there for you to add to your exercise playlist. Whatever floats your boat – from bass-heavy club tunes, to dancey grooves of pop. The perfect tracks for getting that well-needed energy boost are out there. Choose wisely!