Is Adam Thielen the best wide receiver in the NFL?

When the debate of who is the best wide receiver in football comes up, the names that are generally thrown out there include Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr, and Deandre Hopkins. Some other receivers hovering around this list could also note A.J. Green and Mike Evans. But Adam Thielen is constantly left out, as if to say he doesn’t belong in the same breath as any of the guys mentioned above.

In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Thielen has opened the 2018 season on a tear that has arguably never been seen in the NFL. He just became the first wide receiver in the Super Bowl era to ever record a 100-yard game in each of a season’s first seven games. Thielen is dominating anyone and everyone. Nobody can stop him, no matter how hard they try and what type of coverages are thrown his way. Thielen has also set another record, with his 58 receptions being the most ever by any player through the first six weeks of a season.

Overall, Thielen is on pace for a record season. He already has the aforementioned 58 catches to his name, which he has turned into 712 yards and four touchdowns. He is a true model of consistency, which is exactly what every team looks for in their players. Thielen is leading the NFL in receiving yards, and he is on pace to put up roughly 1,900 yards when the regular season ends. The crazy thing about all of this, is that he actually has more room for improvement. There is a very real chance that he can become the first player in league history to record a 2,000 receiving season.

To illustrate just how underrated he is, Thielen is often not even considered the undisputed best receiver on his own team. Some people feel that Stefon Diggs is the better of the two, despite the severe discrepancy in production between the two, which has continued since the beginning of last season. So why is Thielen not getting the credit he deserves? Why is he not being mentioned with the other great players at his position?

There are no clear answers to these questions. He’s not as flashy as some of these other guys, which could play a factor in the way that the public perceives him. But in terms of his impact on the game, and the statistical output he provides, he is literally second to none at this point in his career.

If he continues to play at his current level, eventually even his doubters will no longer be able to overlook him. Nobody will be able to doubt him. And hopefully, he does prove his naysayers wrong. It might be too early to crown him the top wide receiver in the league. After all, Antonio Brown would have a lot to say about that, as he has been nothing short of incredible for more than five consecutive seasons. But Thielen is certainly trending in the right direction.