Ways to cut down on sugar

Sugar is a big vice for so many of us, and it can be more addictive than we realize. The trouble is, it’s hard to escape because pretty much everything has sugar in it these days! That’s not such a problem in and of itself, but you do need to look for ways of cutting down on sugar as much as you can, and that starts by looking at your diet and seeing if there are any changes you can make.

Sugar can actually be worse for you than fat these days; it makes you put on weight, and it rots your teeth. As a whole, we all tend to eat a little too much sugar, but we sometimes don’t even realize we’re doing it. Though January is over, you can still take the time to make a New, Mid or End Year’s Resolution that you’re going to cut down on sugar as much as you can. These are some of the best ways you can go about doing that.

Ways to cut down on sugar

Don’t go cold turkey

It is actually proven that going cold turkey with this sort of thing rarely works well. The best thing to do is to give yourself 30 days and look at weaning yourself off sugar slowly and gradually. After a month of cutting down on sugar, you should be well placed to give it up entirely, and you will find the transition much simpler. Making the commitment to cut down and start weaning yourself off is good, but it’s also important that you do this over a longer period of time.

Where does your most sugar come from?

The first place to start is to look at where your most amount of sugar comes from. There is bound to be a specific food or drink that gives you more of a sugar intake than anything else. This is what you need to work on trying to cut out first because this will be the hardest part of the process to achieve. Perhaps you drink a lot of fizzy drinks, or maybe you take your tea with 4 sugars? Whatever the source, discover it, and start making changes here.

Avoid processed food

Don’t get us wrong, processed food has a place, and it is highly convenient for busy families. However, if you are serious about cutting down on sugar, it’s probably a good time to start cutting out processed stuff and start eating more natural foods. The good thing is that healthy eating has become massive in the last decade, so there is plenty of choice when you go to the store to find healthy and natural food.

Ways to cut down on sugar


Okay, now for the good news – sleep can actually help you curb your sugar cravings. Yes, really! This is the perfect excuse to catch more Zs and lie in more on the weekends. It is estimated that those who have 6 hours sleep a night, or less, will have much higher sugar cravings than those who claim 7 to 9 hours. Sleep deprivation heightens these cravings, so you need to make sure you get as much sleep as you possibly can.

Sugar doesn’t have to be the enemy, but it certainly shouldn’t be something you indulge too much in. There are so many amazing things you can do to help you trim down your sugar intake, and these are some of the best. These are a few important steps to a healthier you, use them wisely.