Why you should prioritize your health with a 5k run

Every time we exercise we can enjoy the positive outcome of improving our health – what can be more rewarding than that? Especially when it’s free! Our question today is, are you reading this as an experienced runner or do you have your first fun-run coming up? Whoever you are, your health is important when preparing for a 5K run.

Under pressure?

When people first join the world of fitness, they seem to have this overwhelming passion to over train and think that the more exercise they do, the more they will benefit! A great comparison is attempting a marathon compared to tackling a 5K run.

Quality over quantity

Marathon training takes a toll on the body and requires a high level of endurance that should not be underestimated. It also requires a lot of practice to become proficient. You can safely get the same health benefits from running 5K on a regular basis than trying to run a marathon every week, with less stress on your system too.

We all tend to overload on things, jumping aboard the hype train of peer pressure – and the fitness industry and social media play a huge part in this! There are a multitude of independent studies that have proven time and again that excessive running can be harmful. It’s important to remember that a lot of athletes push their body to the extreme, and just because they are proficient at their chosen sport does not mean they are symbolic of perfect health. A 5K run is something that can fit into most people’s schedule, and we decided to share some of the top reasons why you should seriously consider adding it into your regimen.

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Why you should prioritize your health with a 5k run

Combat respiratory diseases

When you run at moderate distances, you can increase your aerobic capacity – which basically means you can intake more oxygen and use it more efficiently. This also improves lung function and the strength of your respiratory organs, so you can exercise for longer and you will also recover quicker – what’s not to love about that?

The fight against heart disease

Avid runners can expect to have fewer heart problems due to your cardiovascular and respiratory systems working very closely together to keep you fit and healthy. When you aim to raise your heartbeat with regular exercise you can make your heart stronger; so every time it pumps blood around your body you will have much better circulation. Regular running decreases blood pressure and heart disease by up to 40 percent, let that be your motivation and a catalyst that ignites you onto a healthier lifestyle.


Aching joints are part and parcel of the wear and tear our bodies go through;, that includes day to day life and not just the time you commit to exercise. A solid plan is to break down and then rebuild our body so it becomes stronger over time, running 5k distances can reduce the risks of osteoarthritis more so than a walker would get covering the same distance. If you aimed to run between 10-20 miles a week, you would be well within the recommended range to commit to running 5k once or twice a week and reap the anti-arthritic benefits.

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Why you should prioritize your health with a 5k run

Did somebody mention Alzheimer’s?

Better circulation comes from frequent exercise, such as running a 5K distance, thus increasing oxygen to the brain and improving your brain functions considerably. This doesn’t mean that running will cure Alzheimer’s but can work well alongside prescriptive medications to lower symptoms that people with Alzheimer’s have to endure.

Exercise is the fountain of youth in so many ways, and you only have to look around you to see that people into their fitness live a much better quality of life -, they also live longer statistically. We find it very hard to find a good reason why exercising is not a promising idea! Let’s get started.