Do you need to train like a bodybuilder to look like one

We all know that feeling. You take one look at someone with a bodybuilder physique and immediately decide that you’ll never be able to look like that. It’s that kind of mindset that puts a lot of people off from maintaining their fitness regimes. Not because they can’t look like bodybuilders, but because they basically give up before they’ve even started. Rome wasn’t built in a day, folks. If you’re not willing to take the long way around, you’re never going to reach your destination.

So, is it possible to obtain that bodybuilder physique? Sure. Probably. It’s impossible to give a definite answer without knowing anything about you, but we wouldn’t rule anything out.

Do you need to train like a bodybuilder to achieve that, though? No. Not yet, anyway. Here’s where you’re going wrong.

Do you need to train like a bodybuilder to look like one

The basic mistakes

If you want to achieve a buff physique, you’d most likely look to the people who already have your ideal body for some advice. Assuming they don’t tell you to do one, they’ll probably fill you in on some good workout tips for beefing up. Don’t follow them.

The tips they’re giving you are designed to help men of their size get bigger. It’s no good doing the same workouts as them because they can already do so much more with their body than you can. Attempting to copy what they do will probably land you with half a dozen injuries and set you back a good few weeks in your workout schedule.

If you want to get advice from someone about what to do, speak to a trainer who has knowledge and experience in what you want to achieve. They’ll know where’s the best place to start for someone at your level and can advise on how to progress. It might take some time to find someone who you share a good rapport with, but once you do, you’ll have a coach who can steer you towards your ultimate goal.

If you want a good idea of how to start off your training, here are a couple of tips.

Have a good foundation

To develop a bodybuilder physique, you need to have a good base to work on. If your fitness isn’t in the best state, then you want to devote some time to improving your stability, flexibility, and endurance. You should still do some weight training at the same time – it converts fat into muscle, after all – but your early days of fitness ought to revolve around developing a good standard for your body.

Try doing a low-intensity endurance workout a couple of times a week. Don’t do any strength training on these days, just focus on getting your body into a good condition. Make sure to stretch well, too.

Train everything

No part of your body is unimportant. Therefore, full-body workouts are the way to go if you want to develop your ideal physique. Doing this increases your muscle protein synthesis, and that leads to an improved gain in strength. While overall progress may still be slow, the end result will be worthwhile. You also won’t have one area of your body smaller than the rest.

Do you need to train like a bodybuilder to look like one

Slow and steady

To reach the level of workouts that other bodybuilders are managing, you’ll need to work from the ground up. As desperate as you are to catch up to them, though, you shouldn’t push yourself too hard. Increasing your level of difficulty too quickly can result in injuries because you haven’t given your body enough time to adjust to lifting a certain weight before you’ve moved onto the next one. You should always finish a workout feeling you could have done an extra rep or two. If you’re completely wiped out, then you need to take a step back. Lying in a hospital bed definitely won’t give you a bodybuilder physique.

When you’re just starting out, the road in front of you looks like it will never end. While you do have a lot of hard work ahead of you, your goals are always achievable. Never give up.