Marathon running won’t help your poor lifestyle

These days we are all much more concerned with living healthy lives, and that is a good thing. There is nothing worse than being unfit, unhealthy, and generally being unwell for a large portion of the time. The thing is, there are so many different elements that can affect our lifestyles these days, so we need to make sure we are staying as fit and healthy as possible.

Now, you might think that you can simply do whatever you like, and then run it off by way of a marathon or an extreme workout. But, this isn’t actually how it works, and you could end up doing more damage to your body by taking this approach than you would do otherwise. It’s important to make sure you live a balanced lifestyle because this makes all the difference. Let’s find out more about marathon running, and the effect it has.

Marathon running won’t help your poor lifestyle

Good for the heart?

The debate has raged for years about whether or not running a marathon is good for your heart health. You would assume, because of the fact that it’s giving you cardio, that it would be a great way of keeping you in shape. Indeed, in the ‘70s, it was believed that marathon running coupled with a good diet, would completely prevent poor heart health. But, following an increase in heart attacks among runners, scientists actually changed their opinions on this. Instead, they decreed that marathon running might actually be bad for the heart, as it puts it under unnecessary strain.

Further studies

There have been numerous studies carried out over the years, and, despite worries, none have found that running is bad for your heart. Yes, excessive long distance running will most likely put a strain on your heart, and this can’t be good. But, a regular amount of running is unlikely to have anything other than a positive effect. So, while you’re unlikely to reach Mo Farah levels anytime soon, you can have a great workout and exercise regimen by running on a semi-regular basis. Just like with all exercise, you have to make sure you don’t overdo it because this is where the problems can happen.

It’s not a magic cure

In spite of the fact that running isn’t necessarily bad for your heart, it’s no magical cure either. You aren’t going to be able to live a poor lifestyle and just think that running will magically make your heart better. It doesn’t work like that. You need to make sure you have a balanced and health diet, along with making sure you exercise and keep fit as well. Balance is the key, and this is the best way of making sure you look after your heart health moving forward. Your heart is the most important organ in your body, so you need to make sure you aren’t over-reliant on marathon running, and that you look after your heart health as much as possible.

Marathon running won’t help your poor lifestyle

Marathon running is a good way of getting into shape and helping you to become fitter. But it’s certainly not a quick fix for heart health problems you might be experiencing. Make sure you do as much as you can look after your heart through a balanced diet and plenty of Vitamins. A combination of doing this, and exercising properly, is exactly what you need to maintain a strong and healthy heart.