Fitness tips for a busy schedule

A hectic lifestyle of modern day living seems to be never-ending; we know we should exercise more as it would make us feel better, but we don’t make time to train or be more active. How do we break this cycle? We see others doing actively succeeding so surely we can be the same?
Today we are going to share some life hacks with you that will undoubtedly make life easier, allowing you to maximize that little amount of spare time that you have. A bit of forward-planning and pre-emptive action can go a long way, and you will soon be enjoying life even more by following these simple guidelines that almost anybody can apply to their situation.

Take the stairwell and walk wherever you can

It is all too easy to take the elevator at work even if it takes longer, people still prefer this mode of transport! Try taking the stairs at your place of work or in any other building that you need to ascend. Implementing little efforts like this will improve your fitness levels over time without going out of your way, or it feeling like a total chore.

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Fitness tips for a busy schedule

Ankle weights

Try strapping ankle weights on throughout the working day, and you will build up your endurance and burn more calories too. We suggest that you start with a light ankle weight and when that becomes too easy, add small increments, so you keep progressing. Improving your overall fitness and performance means you have to continually test yourself. Otherwise, you will always remain the same.

Include HIIT training in your plan

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is a form of cardio that is conducted over very short periods, but it very intense as the name suggests and will have you working at maximum capability. HIIT sessions can be done in less than 20 minutes when performed correctly, and you can incorporate your favorite exercises or sports into it.

Bike to work

Biking to work will not only reduce your carbon footprint but will also enhance your brain function and cardiovascular fitness too! If you live less than 5 miles from work, this is an entirely feasible way to get your daily dose of exercise. You’ll be burning calories, saving money, and saving the planet all at the same time.

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Fitness tips for a busy schedule

Prepare your meals in bulk batches

Saying you don’t have time to eat is like saying you don’t have time to sleep, it is simply not feasible nor healthy to do for extended periods. A regular person actually benefits more from eating four times a day than the old school method of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Why is this? Four or more meals a day allows for steadier blood sugar levels, meaning no crash and higher concentration. By cooking in bulk, you can spend a lot less time in the kitchen, then prep and pack your meals to take with you on the move. If you don’t have time to cook, then a meal preparation service may be of use.

When it comes to a busy schedule and finding time for fitness, you should make time to assess where you can cut back on unnecessary activities. Writing down your current schedule and assessing what REALLY needs to get done can be a great way to filter out things that you maybe didn’t notice take up so much time when they don’t have to! A busy schedule is stressful so it is important to remember to look after YOU and treat your body the way it should be treated. Get family to support your fitness goals or find colleagues and friends who have the same interests/ goals of wanting to improve their physical well being. We know you can do it!