These celebrities have intense routines

Exercise is so important and makes you understand and appreciate the body you have. It’s vital that you try to stay in shape as much as possible, and keep fit wherever you can. Exercise can boost your physical health and is also crucial for your mental health too. Many successful celebrities have pretty intensive physical exercise routines, and not just professional; athletes either.

People who are wildly successful understand the importance of starting your day off on the right foot. And, this often links to the exercise and working out that they manage to do on a daily or weekly basis. You can learn a lot from how these people conduct themselves, and how dedicated they are to the pursuit of fitness and wellbeing, as well as to the success they have generated. Check out these famous celebs with pretty intense routines, and how they make sure you keep in shape.


Oprah has been through it all; not only has she become one of the most successful and wealthy television personalities of all time, but she has also battled, and beaten, cancer. As a Weight Watchers investor and spokesperson, she has put fitness at the forefront of her life. Oprah is keen to remain active as much as possible, and it is thought that the star attempts to walk around five miles per day, every day. This seems like a lot, but, if you’re as wilful and single-minded as Oprah is, this is definitely something you

These celebrities have intense routines

Richard Branson

Richard Branson knows all about he stresses and strains of a packed schedule, as he built his Virgin empire from the ground up. When he’s not closing multi-million pound deals or relaxing on his very own Caribbean island, Branson is busy keeping fit. In fact, he has a hard-hitting routine that most younger people would struggle with. The 67-year-old rises at around 05:00 every day, and spends his morning exercising. In fact, Branson himself has even said that his regular workout routine helps him achieve twice as much on a daily basis. The enigmatic entrepreneur spends time playing tennis, cycling, and even a spot of kitesurfing.

Jessica Alba

It’s not easy being a glamorous Hollywood actress, so how does Jessica Alba manage to star in movies, and look so great doing it? Well, we reckon the secret lies somewhere in her routine and fitness regime. She takes spin classes and YogaSculpt (which actually seems right up our street). On top of that, she is also a keen student of Krav Maga and takes numerous classes during her weekly routine. This is a form of Israeli street fighting with an emphasis on fitness-led combat. In other words, Miss Alba is one woman you definitely don’t want to mess with.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to follow the same sort of fitness and workout routine as some of your favorite celebrities? There are so many successful celebs around these days who have excellent and pretty intensive fitness regimes. Keeping fit is crucial, even if you’re a multi-millionaire, and we can learn a lot from the dedication and perseverance of these celebs, and we could do worse than trying to follow their routines.

These celebrities have intense routines