The best foods active athletes should be eating

Being an athlete isn’t just about hitting the gym every day, they also need to put the right fuel in their bodies. Without the right foods, athletes will suffer from a lack of strength, endurance, and their overall performance will be reduced. These are the best food that active athletes should be eating.


This oily fish should be a part of everyone’s diets, not just athletes. It is a natural artery cleanser, which means you will be at a lower risk of heart disease by making it a part of your weekly grocery purchases.

There are a bunch of fatty acids and muscle-building proteins, which mean the inflammation experienced during athletic activity is reduced. That makes it perfect for recovering those weary muscles and getting athletes back into the action as soon as possible.

The best foods active athletes should be eating

Whey protein

It is no coincidence that you see whey proteins in the health food section at the grocery store. The protein is low in fat and cholesterol, which makes it ideal for athletes because it is quickly absorbed into the body.

Whey protein contains essential amino acids, which form together to give us the protein required for sustained athletic endurance. The protein has the right levels of proteins and amino acids that prevent muscle breakdown, while also helping to rebuild muscles.

Legumes or beans

This food group is great for both vegetarians and meat eaters. The types of plant-based meals are almost endless thanks to the variety of types of bean available. You can throw black beans, pintos, lima, butter, chickpeas, and pretty much anything in this food group into a meal and feel the benefits.

There is no saturated fat in legumes, unlike meat, so they are a healthier option for a big dose of protein than many types of meat. Also, because they are high in fiber, they will keep you feeling full for longer, helping to prevent overeating.


As babies we grow up on the stuff, but the older many of us get, the more we neglect this calcium-filled drink. There are a ton of carbs and protein found in milk, which make it perfect for your post-workout beverage.

If you go for some chocolate in your milk, then you’re in for a treat as the caffeine in the chocolate helps your blood vessel relax after working out. When carbs and protein are consumed together, they have been found to repair muscle tissues quicker than separately.


You might have heard of electrolytes, which are often found in sports drinks. They need to be replaced after exercise, and bananas are an excellent natural source. Plus they are stacked full of potassium and help to regulate your water intake. There is also the added bonus that bananas will help prevent muscle spasms or cramps, common when athletes push themselves beyond their limits.

The best foods active athletes should be eating


You’re going to need energy to keep your body working at an extremely high level for as long as possible. While many of us have been told to stay away from carbs as much as possible, when it comes to working out, they’re kind of an essential.

Some believe there is no better source of carbs than pasta as it is basically like putting gas straight into the tank. Protein and fats must be converted to carbohydrates, but pasta does so much quicker, meaning you get an energy boost pretty quickly after eating it.

These foods have all found their way into the diet of the most elite of athletes. They help to keep your body in top shape without any real negative side effects, and are a must for the most athletic among us.