Meet Sports Illustrated model Veronica Pome’e

In life, if there are barriers, and it’s up to you to either smash them down or find another way around. Veronica Pome’e had a dream to become the first Polynesian woman in Sports Illustrated’s iconic Swimsuit Issue and thanks to her attitude, she made that become a reality. So allow us to introduce Veronica Pome’e, an inspirational woman you’re not going to forget in a hurry.

The search for a new model

Sports Illustrated was on the hunt for new models and held a competition in which over 10,000 hopeful women applied. That is a lot of women to choose from, and the magazine was aiming to whittle that number down to just six. It wasn’t going to be easy, but the head honchos at Sports Illustrated began picking their final six models. Those six would feature in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, a life goal for many models.

Meet Sports Illustrated model Veronica Pome’e

Finding her place

Right from the beginning of the search for models, Pome’e impressed the editor of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, MJ Day. That meant Pome’e made it through to the final six, becoming the first Polynesian model ever to grace the pages of the famous magazine. Day said each woman who made the final six is a “superstar in the making” and “incredibly special.” Pome’e has made a big impression and watch this space as she looks to continue her modeling success in the future.

Standing out

Veronica Pome’e is the first to admit she doesn’t look like your typical model, and that is something she takes great pride in. Pome’e is fully aware that models are looked up to as role models for young girls, and she wanted to give girls a message that everyone is beautiful. In a social media post, Pome’e says her flaws are what have strengthened her the most as a model.

She points out the scars and stretch marks on her body like a badge of honor. Those marks on her skin are a part of her, and she feels there is no reason to be ashamed of them. She hopes this attitude will be passed on to young girls who seek body perfection to keep up with the stream of Instagram models springing up every single day.

Meet Sports Illustrated model Veronica Pome’e

An inspiration

Veronica Pome’e finishes her social media post by saying the “greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can’t.” She believes her SI appearance can be an inspiration to girls who don’t feel pretty, curvy, or happy enough in their skin to be considered beautiful enough.

Pome’e looks to be an image of empowerment for young girls who are struggling with their identity. She owns her look, and that self-confidence is infectious. The more people see of her, the more accepting society is going to be people, no matter their shape, color, skin condition, or anything else you want to name.

Veronica Pome’e is the positive role model the world has been needing. She is the first Polynesian model to appear in SI’s Swimsuit Issue and is an inspiration to just about everyone to believe in yourself.