The greatest sports TV shows of all time

The best thing about sports is that there’s always another season if your team doesn’t do well. These TV shows have all got several seasons to tell their stories and turn the characters we follow from zeros to heroes. If you don’t get enough sport in your life, then you can always check out the greatest sports TV shows ever made.


Wrestling played a big part in many kids lives growing up in the ‘90s and ‘00s, but GLOW takes us all the way back to the 1980s. It follows a ragtag bunch of women as they look to become the stars of their very own show, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. GLOW follows the struggles of these ladies trying their best to make it in a male-dominated world and coming out on top.

The greatest sports TV shows of all time

It has all the fake drama you could imagine from a wrestling show, but the real story is backstage, where there are real tensions between a lot of the characters. The show is great for a big hit of nostalgia while giving viewers all action sequences in the ring.

QB1: Beyond the Lights

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to make it as a quarterback in football? QB1: Beyond the Lights gives us a look into the lives of three high school quarterbacks as they try to make it to first-rate colleges. Their dreams are to play football in the NFL, but if they want to get there, they have to make it through school first.

We learn all about the pressures these young men have to deal with at such an early age and how hard they work to make their dreams come true. You might never look at a professional football player the same again once you understand the journey they go through thanks to this show.

One Tree Hill

Sport is all about the drama, so what better show to bring you that than the teen drama One Tree Hill? It is set in a small town as two half-brothers fight it out on the basketball court to make it, while they struggle with tensions off it. This being a teen drama, there is plenty of heartbreak, angst, fights, and laughs. The basketball might be an afterthought at times, but the storyline will suck you in regardless.

The greatest sports TV shows of all time

American Ninja Warrior

It might not be a real sport like football or baseball, but American Ninja Warrior is just as compelling. It brings together a whole bunch of extremely fit people as they tackle the ultimate obstacle course to be declared a real ninja warrior. The show has been running since 2009 and is one of the most popular sporting shows in the world. There is plenty of risks involved for the contestants with the reward of universal adoration for those who manage to conquer the impossible course.

These shows will get your blood pumping as much as watching your favorite team in a big game will. Even in the offseason, you can still get your sporting fix through these amazing sports TV shows.