The pros and cons of playing football in college

Most football players get into the sport properly in college because of the amount of opportunities they have there for playing, and for scholarships. Football can be a great way of opening doors and helping you go to a good school, and it improves your chances of exposure. If you are seriously considering college football that means you probably have serious designs on becoming a professional player.

It’s important to make sure you understand what is involved in playing football in college, as well as the dedication required to be a college athlete. This is not something that everyone has the chance to do, so you need to make the most of the talent you have. But, this first means understanding the pros and cons of playing football in college.

Pros – social prospects

One of the big advantages of playing college football is that it really improves your social prospects. You have the perfect opportunity to meet new people and to make friends with your teammates. This is an excellent opportunity to interact and socialize with people of a similar mindset, and those who share a common interest with you. Social prospects are a vital part of college life, and playing football will certainly improve yours. So, this is definitely one of the big advantages of playing ball in college.

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The pros and cons of playing football in college

Pros – the fanbase is huge

On a more career-oriented level, playing football in college is hugely important because the fanbase is so huge. College football games regularly get audiences in the tens of thousands, and this is the perfect opportunity for exposure. If you are looking to have a career in the NFL, going the college route is the easiest way of helping you get there. And, when you do get on the gridiron and get some playing time, you’re going to be performing in front of a large number of people. Perform well, and word travels fast – this could really help you when it comes to the college draft.

Cons – grades matter

Something that a lot of athletes in college fail to consider is the fact that your grades matter. Sure, you might be there to play football, but, the college still expects you to achieve a certain GPA in order to continue playing, and you will have to balance studies and football. It’s crucial that you make time for your studies and take them seriously, because otherwise, you could find yourself booted off the team for not getting good enough grades. So, do whatever you need to in order to help get your grades up – even get a private tutor if necessary.

Cons – you’ll have to be disciplined

It’s easy to think you’ve made it when you start playing football in college, especially on a scholarship, but that’s the wrong attitude to have. You absolutely cannot relax and rest on your laurels because there are plenty of other people vying for your spot. Make sure you are hardworking and dedicated. You will need to be disciplined, and forego some of the social aspects of college life if you’re serious about doing well. This is not going to be easy, and it’s important you are prepared for that going forward.

These are just some of the pros and cons of playing football in college. For the most part, if you love football then playing in college will be a real treat for you, and you’ll take it seriously. The pros and cons won’t matter if this is your passion. But, these points are still important things to consider when it comes to college ball.

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The pros and cons of playing football in college