The greatest dynasties in college football history

There can surely be no greater source of pride for a football coach than turning his bunch of young stars into a dynasty. It takes planning and effective coaching, but once they stumble upon the recipe for success, it is bad news for every single one of their opponents. These college football dynasties are definitely the greatest of all time.

Alabama 2008 to present

Under the great Nick Saban, the Alabama Crimson Tide are always a danger to everyone they face and have won five National Championships thanks to his teachings. The college won their first National Championship under Saban’s management in 2009 and went on to win another four in style. They don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon and will be giving all other teams a run for their money in the coming seasons.

The greatest dynasties in college football history

Notre Dame 1941 to 1949

Perhaps there was no greater college football dynasty than Notre Dame from 1941 to 1949. Even the outbreak of the Second World War couldn’t slow them down as they won a total of four National Championships in nine years. In 1943 their star quarterback was called to active duty after six games, and they still went ahead and helped themselves to a National Championship. In all nine years, the Fighting Irish placed in the AP Top 10 every single season, and whatever they were doing in the ‘40s they were doing right.

Nebraska 1993 to 2001

Led by Tom Osborne, the Corn Huskers managed to win three titles in four years. The coach had missed out on a National Championship in 1983 against Miami, and he was determined to make sure he got his hands on a ring. Luckily for Osborne, he managed to put together one of the best college football teams ever, and his team was always at the business end of the season.

Miami 1983 to 1992

Tom Osborne was unlucky enough to miss out on winning his earlier championship thanks to the Miami dynasty of the 1980s and 1990s. Howard Schnellenberger led Miami to victory over Nebraska in 1983, and The U never looked back. That victory set up the powerhouse that was the Miami dynasty and even though they were run by three different managers they kept finding success. They win four titles during this reign, only finishing outside the top ten once, plus they had two Heisman-winning quarterbacks to help them along.

The greatest dynasties in college football history

Michigan 1901 to 1905

Forward passing was not even a thing yet, but Michigan were one of the most feared teams in the country. They were run by the legendary coach Fielding Yost and went 55-1 under his leadership. Even more impressively than that, in the 1901 season, they didn’t even concede a single point. In four of the five seasons during their peak, Michigan were considered the champions.

These college football dynasties will take something special to come along and be considered in the same league as them. Winning is everything in football, and no college teams did it more than these famous dynasties.